Fans Are Convinced Hailey's New Justin Tattoo Has A Connection To Selena

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In case you missed it, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were recently in New York City for the singer's Oct. 17 Saturday Night Live performance. While there, Baldwin visited popular celebrity tattoo artist Mr. K to add another design to her collection: a small "J" on her ring finger that's seemingly dedicated to her husband. The design raised fans' eyebrows because they think it looked identical to a ring Bieber once gave his ex Selena Gomez in 2012. While it could just be a coincidence, fans are convinced Hailey Baldwin's Justin Bieber tattoo has a connection to Selena Gomez.

Just like Bieber, who has over 60 tattoos, Baldwin has an impressive ink collection and each tattoo has a special meaning. For example, in January 2015, the model got her parents' wedding anniversary inked in Roman numerals, and that same year, she and Kendall Jenner got matching broken hearts on their fingers. Since so many of her tats are dedicated to the people she loves, it's no surprise she eventually got one to honor her husband.

On Monday, Oct. 19, Mr. K revealed the star visited him to get her newest piece done. "J✨is for @justinbieber and beleza ‘beauty in Portuguese. It was PLEASURE for your trust on this meaningful piece @haileybieber 💚 ✨🙏🏻✨💚 #haileybieber #justinbieber #mrktattoo," the artist wrote.

The picture showed a cursive "J" on Baldwin's ring finger, next to a pretty little sparkle design. Keep in mind the "J" has curves on both ends, along with a line going through the middle.

Fans instantly thought the design looked familiar. They traced it back to 2012 when Bieber gave Gomez a ring with a cursive "J" on it. The singer shared a picture of the ring in a since-deleted Instagram post. Fans put Baldwin's tattoo and Gomez's ring side by side, and noticed they're basically the same design. Both letters have curves on the ends with a line going through the middle.

In case you want a close up of this infamous ring, here it is:

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This comes just weeks after Bieber got a rose tattoo fans were convinced had a secret "S" hidden in the middle. You know, for Selena.

Fans simply can't wrap their heads around the idea that all the similarities are a coincidence, but, in the end, that's what they probably are. Coincidences.