Lil Huddy Finally Addressed Those Rumors He & Charli Have Matching Promise Rings

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nothing gets past fans. Lately, Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson's followers have noticed they've been wearing what looks like matching rings and, of course, their first thought is they're promise rings. (You know, the kind of rings two people wear to show they're serious about their relationship.) Ever since D'Amelio and Hudson broke up in April, they've made it clear to everyone they're still friends, but the matching jewelry has their followers convinced they're secretly back together. So, the question is, do Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson have promise rings? Hudson, aka, Lil Huddy, finally addressed the rumors.

On Oct. 16, the star was approached by paparazzi, who asked him about the popular fan theory. He said the jewelry is, in fact, a matching set, and does represent something special in their relationship, but not in the way fans think. "We have a friendship ring, yeah," Hudson clarified, explaining D'Amelio came up with the idea.

However, fans aren't quite convinced the rings are just "friendship rings." After all, both Hudson and D'Amelio's rings have a heart on them. Plus, both stars have plenty of other friends who don't have matching jewelry with either of them (with, I repeat, hearts on them).

Watch Hudson address the rumors near the 2:38 mark in the video below.

"Yeah, it’s totally normal for exes to have matching friendship rings and hang out EVERY DAY and not still have feelings for each other. Yeah, okay," one person commented underneath the clip.

"'ItS JuSt A FrIeNdShIp RiNg' chile I dont wanna hear it💀✋🏾give me the real answer," another wrote.

"Something is not right here. charli has been friends with Gemma for a long time and with many other people so why did she choose Chase to wear matching rings?" a fan tweeted.

Here's some pictures of the pair wearing the rings for reference:

YouTube/Charli D'Amelio

Hudson and D'Amelio sparked rumors they were dating again when they posted a TikTok together on Aug. 20. Despite all the drama they went through, including cheating rumors and a diss trick, they seemed to be on good terms, making fans believe they moved on and wanted to give their relationship another try.

D'Amelio's sister, Dixie, also left a suspicious comment on one of Charli's TikToks, which had fans thinking the pair was totally back on. "All that, for what?" Dixie reportedly said in a now-deleted comment underneath the video.

The truth is, when it comes to these two, fans just never know what to believe.