Josh Richards & Bryce Hall's Lil Huddy Diss Track Is So, So Brutal, Y'all

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The TikTok world is like an ongoing reality TV show. While some TikTokers appear to be BFFs and happy couples on social media, drama is usually not far behind. That's currently the case for Charli D'Amelio, Chase Hudson, Josh Richards, and Bryce Hall. D'Amelio and Hudson are members of the Hype House and total lovebirds, while Hudson and Richards are part of the Sway House collective. Josh Richards and Bryce Hall's "Still Softish" lyrics about Lil Huddy and Charli D'Amelio are brutal, and signal some serious beef is brewing between the houses.

Richards and Hall's diss track hinted at trouble in paradise for D'Amelio and Hudson's fledgling relationship. They've only been dating for a few months. In February, Hudson opened up about his relationship with D'Amelio, telling Entertainment Tonight they are "not officially" a couple but are "exclusive."

"I'm taking it as slow as humanly possible before I pop the question [of asking her to be my girlfriend]," he explained. "But we are very exclusive and very into each other."

While Hudson said he and D'Amelio were "not talking to anyone else," the lyrics to "Still Softish" tell a different story. In it, the Sway House members claim Hudson slid into Richards' girlfriend, TikToker Nessa Barrett's, DMs. Lil Huddy and D'Amelio did not respond to Elite Daily's previous request for comment on the lyrics.

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"Yo Bryce, this mother f*ckin manz tried to DM my girl... Tried to f*ck her," Richards says incredulously during the intro.

Later, Hall raps: "We ain't doing this for the bands / We doing this just to tell all your fans / You still be f*cking with girls / Telling people Charli's your world?"

After the song was released, Richards claimed that he and Hudson have agreed to move on from the situation.

"Nick Austin FT me and told me chase tried to reach out, told the bud we could talk," he tweeted. "He apologized and the diss track was a suppose to be my last voicing on the situation anyways. We arent boys like before but we thought the most mature thing to do was put the history behind us."

But whether they moved on our not, these brutal lyrics live on.

Intro: Josh Richards

Yo Bryce this mother f*ckin manz tried to DM my girl

Tried to f*ck her

Lil f*cking hoodie or some sh*t

F*cking wasted man

He just wanted this smoke, I guess

Verse 1: Josh Richards

Wakanda King

Tryna f*ck with me

Tryna f*ck my girl

Like I couldn't see

Verse 2: Bryce Hall

Broke b*tch

Broken *ss nose b*tch

Small d*ck

Still kinda softish


Act like you poppin

No b*tch

Built like a chopstick

Pre-Chorus: Josh Richards, Bryce Hall

Talk about money you got

You know you ain't got a lot

You know you had one shot

Charli's the tik to your tok

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

Time's running out

18 til you get clocked

Lights out lights out

No tour

Knock your *ss out til the fans want more

Chorus: Josh Richards, Bryce Hall

Ay little b*tch look at where you're at now

Little soft d*ck ain't no match for my crown

Still softish

You softish

And if I'm being honest

You're just a f*cking novice

Verse 3: Bryce Hall

We ain't doing this for the bands

We doing this just to tell all your fans

You still be f*cking with girls

Telling people Charli's your world?

No trust me he's a rose

But this one time he broke his nose

He lost his temper

Didn't whimper

Just saying he's a b*tch *ss

Verse 4: Josh Richards

No ladies, hell of a guy

He's, kind of, one of a kind

Just, let them take some time

To find out all of his lies

Sitting there with my girl on the phone

Telling me she can't get alone

This dude really think he cold

Tryna f*ck while his girl at home