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12 Zodiac Sign Candles On Etsy That'll Look So Celestial On Your Shelves

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Creating a space you love means choosing furniture that suits your lifestyle and decor that inspires you. This may include an art print of a strong woman walking down a city street or an interesting vase that reminds you of a past trip. If you're into astrology, this could be one of the zodiac sign candles on Etsy that'll liven up your space with celestial vibes.

Having one of these candles in your home will surely add to your typical routines and be a centerpiece during your FaceTime convos. You'll wake up, walk into your kitchen or office, and want to light it ASAP. When you're catching up with one of your BFFs, they'll spot it in the background and will ask where you got it (Etsy, duh!) and how chic the label is with its applicable tarot card or sweet constellation drawing.

It may even inspire them to add cosmic details to their own shelves, that will speak to their individual sign, elements, and connections to the bold universe. In those moments, when they slide into your inbox asking for a link, send them to one of these zodiac sign candles on Etsy. Don't forget to compliment how celestial it looks on their shelves once it arrives.

This Candle Has A Personalized Aroma For Your Zodiac Sign

First up is this soy candle that comes with a tiny constellation on the label. It would fit in perfectly with a more minimalistic home. The scent you receive depends on your zodiac sign. (For example, a Scorpio candle is black amber and oak, while a Cancer candle is white tea and ginger.)

This Candle Embraces Your Personality Traits

The perk of this beautiful candle on Etsy is it celebrates your traits on its label. Every time you light it, you will be reminded of your strengths and what attracts people to you. For a Libra, this may be that you're peaceful or can strike a conversation with anyone. Read your own candle and find out what those traits are for you.

This Candle Has An Artistic Design

Whether you consider yourself an artsy person or not, you'll be able to appreciate the talent that's gone into this lovely candle. It has a stunning design drawn on the side based on your sign, that'll speak to powers the universe has instilled in you. Not to mention, one of the scents you can pick out is caramel macchiato.

This Candle Is Made With Essential Oils

After a long day of work, do you typically turn on your diffuser and let the aromas of essential oils fill your home? If so, get an essential oil-packed zodiac sign candle from this Etsy shop. It's made with premium peppermint oil, according to the listing, so it will give your home a holiday aroma.

This Candle Displays A Tarot Card

If you're into all-things astrology, you likely believe in the power and magic behind tarot cards. Your morning routine may include pulling out cards and burning sage. Why don't you pick up this tarot card candle? The card is specific to your zodiac sign, and strives to steer you in the right direction.

This Candle Has A Hidden Gemstone Inside

Finding a hidden gemstone inside of a candle sounds like a story out of Taylor Swift's folklore album. That's why you should purchase this soy wax candle ASAP. Its scent is tailored to your zodiac sign, so you can find true alignment while getting ready in the morning or before going to sleep.

This Candle Can Be Personalized A Bit

Have fun personalizing the details of your candle a bit, beyond the zodiac sign that appears on your candle's label. You can choose the color of the lid and pick out the scent that speaks to you the most.

This Candle Is A Color Of The Rainbow

Along with elements, numbers, and animals, each zodiac sign connects best with a certain color. This zodiac candle is made based on those colors, and has a scent based on the season of your sign. If you're a Virgo, you'll enjoy this cactus and sea salt soy candle with a bold, green label.

This Candle Is Undeniably Cosmic

The reason why you may love knowing more about your zodiac sign is that it lets you harness the powers of the universe. You understand yourself and your reactions to situations, and can live your life with that sense of clarity. This cosmic candle has a gorgeous eclipse on its label so you can channel the power in you 24/7.

This Candle Is An Adorable Addition To Any Shelf

Whether you're purchasing this zodiac candle for yourself or a BFF who's about to celebrate their birthday, it'll be an adorable addition to a shelf. It's colorful, modern, and a piece you'll want to post on Instagram. Each comes with a little charm and tag describing your zodiac sign.

This Candle Is Perfect For All Zodiac Signs

You don't have to be a specific zodiac sign to pick up a candle as magical as this. Conveniently titled, "The Magician," it's the one piece that'll remind you of your favorite bath bombs, and speak to the souls of you and your roommates. Pick it up right in time for a game or movie night.

This Candle Can Come With A Gift Box

A cute zodiac candle like this one sometimes will set you on a shopping kick. Opt for the entire gift box that is available with this celestial piece of decor. It includes sea salts which you can use to further enjoy your experience.