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12 Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas That The Bride-To-Be Will Totally Adore

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There's no "right" way to have a bachelorette party. Some brides want to take the occasion and turn it into a lavish trip. Others may prefer to keep the event low-key. As long as you're honoring the bride and her wishes, you can celebrate however you'd like. That includes opening your laptop and trying out virtual bachelorette party ideas that include wine, food, and a ton of laughs.

Maybe your crew is spread out across the country, or you don't have the time and budget to splurge on something grand. That's all well and good, because a virtual bachelorette party is cost-effective and still incredibly special. It brings the bride's besties together before her big day, and lets everyone make new memories no matter where they are in the world. In addition, it can have an itinerary that's packed with themed games, pre-wedding advice, and heartfelt stories.

To say the least, the bride-to-be will adore having a virtual bachelorette party and likely document the event through screenshots and photos on her phone. She'll rave online about the special, clever, and totally unique celebration you put together, too. If you need some party ideas, these 12 will get you started and give the bride a set of heart eyes.

Take An Online Wine Class Together
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If the bride-to-be loves planning happy hour with her crew or learning everything there is to know about Pinot Noir, then you should take an online wine class for her bachelorette. To do this, simply send out an itinerary to her crew with a list of YouTube videos or Skillshare classes you'll watch while also on FaceTime or Zoom. After the class is done, talk about it or try out your new tasting moves.

Tell Your Favorite Stories About The Bride

Some bachelorette party traditions, like telling your favorite stories about the bride, can make an appearance during a fun, virtual party. Just tell everyone in advance that you're going to take turns reminiscing about high school or college, and the huge crushes your BFF had. Then, get ready to laugh, cry, and smile once you log on.

Play "What's In My Purse?"

"What's in My Purse?" is an iconic bachelorette party game. So, track down a list from Pinterest, share it with everyone in your group via text or email, and then play this game when you log on. Have everyone go through their bag and rack up points for items like mascara, hand sanitizer, and chapstick. It'll break the ice and put everyone in a good #mood.

Give Yourselves A Manicure And Pedicure

If everyone in your bachelorette party crew has bottles of nail polish at home, then plan a spa afternoon in celebration of the bride. Give yourselves manicures and pedicures over FaceTime or Zoom, and chat like you would at the actual spa. If you want to give yourselves facials, too, go right ahead.

Try Out An At-Home Yoga Class
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Is your bride a yogi? Then try out a virtual yoga class for her bachelorette party. Have everyone stream a video from YouTube or one of the best yoga apps, and do it together over FaceTime or Zoom. At the end, enjoy smoothie bowls or some healthy snacks from the comfort of your individual homes.

Toss A Bouquet Of Flowers To Each Other

One of the sweetest Internet trends brings people together by compiling clips of them catching and tossing baseballs, soccer balls, and more to each other. You can turn this into an activity for your virtual bachelorette party by asking everyone in your group to record themselves catching and tossing a bouquet of flowers, in true wedding fashion.

Pretend You're In Paris For A Night

If you haven't tried out the clever backgrounds on Zoom, well, what are you waiting for? They can put your entire bach crew in Paris for a night. With the Eiffel Tower behind you, you all can rave about the "City of Love" and eat crêpes on your couches. What more could you ask for?

Watch A Bunch Of Romantic Comedies

Thanks to Netflix Party, you and your bachelorette party crew can watch a bunch of romantic comedies together. Simply get everyone to download this feature and then pick a film to put on like Always Be My Maybe or Set It Up. React to the romance, kisses, and drama in real time.

Have A Virtual Brunch With Mimosas
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If you're eating pancakes and drinking mimosas over FaceTime or Zoom, it'll definitely make for a party that's sweet and memorable. This party idea puts everyone in charge of their own menu, but brings your entire crew together, too. It may be the most delicious idea of them all.

Soak Up The Sun In Your Backyards

Rest and relaxation are #necessary, especially for your bride who's in the midst of wedding planning and arranging. Keep it simple and soak up the sun in your individual backyards for a bachelorette party. Pretend you're at a beach resort and whip up some tropical drinks, or cool down under an umbrella.

Go On An Online Shopping Spree

Shopping sprees are always a good idea, no matter what you're celebrating. For your BFF's bachelorette party, head straight to your favorite stores online and hit the "Add to Cart" button. In the midst of shopping, chat with your crew about what you're purchasing and get their second opinions. It'll be like going to the mall, but even better.

Glamp In Your Individual Living Rooms
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Last but not least, turn your living rooms into glamping sites for your BFF's bachelorette party. Deck them out with pillows, blankets, and twinkly lights, and make snacks like s'mores. If you're able to, spend the entire night on FaceTime or Zoom in celebration of your bestie getting married.