The 10 best Zoom backgrounds available right now, so you can get a bit more fun out of your meetings...

Here Are The Best Zoom Backgrounds To Upgrade Your Video Calls

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When you have to work or attend school remotely, video calls become pretty important to stay on top of things. Virtual conference platforms like Zoom make it easier to stay connected, and they also offer some fun features to spice up the daily grind. Here are 10 of the best Zoom backgrounds available, so you can liven up your video calls.

Putting a little bit of personality into your remote calls is easy with Zoom, thanks to the platform's virtual background feature. While you're working or schooling remotely, you can have a bit of fun with your video calls. The feature lets you change the background of your environment, so you can easily hide a cluttered room or just entertain the people you're chatting with.

You can use Zoom's virtual backgrounds on a PC or Mac computer with Zoom version 4.6.0, as well as the Zoom mobile app for iOS, which is compatible with iPhone 8 or later and fifth generation iPad and later. Unfortunately, there is no compatibility for Android phones as of this publication.

Zoom recommends using a green screen if you have one or a blank wall. While it does work without either of those, it may appear more choppy or pixelated.

After you've created an account and signed into Zoom, you'll be able to change your virtual background by going to Settings, then clicking the Virtual Background tab. You can use one of Zoom's virtual backgrounds or upload your own with a high-res image or video. Zoom recommends downloading one from a royalty-free image service. Zoom's own downloadable backgrounds, with more than 30 images available, are a great place to start, but other places you can search include Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.

1. "This is fine" meme background

In the current state of the pandemic, injecting some humor into your virtual calls can lighten the mood. The "this is fine" meme background is a classic that'll make your colleagues or classmates LOL.

2. The Mocking Spongebob

It can't really get more classic than a Spongebob background for us '90s kids, and this one is definitely the best way to get a laugh out of people.


3. The Real Housewives yelling at the cat meme

Another meme take, the yelling at the cat meme from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a winner any day of the week.

4. Colorful doughnuts background

This Doughnut Photo from Pexels is so colorful and makes for a fun background choice if you aren't trying to be too serious.

Sharon McCutcheon/Pexels

5. The Star Wars-inspired backgrounds

You can find several options when it comes to Star Wars-inspired filters, including the Millennium Falcon, like this one from Pixabay:


6. San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

This background is available in Unsplash. While you're stuck inside, what's better than a relaxing view of one of the most iconic bridges in the country?

Joseph Barrientos/Unsplash

7. A virtual office space

If you want to feel like you're still at the office, you can change your background to a virtual meeting room. There are several options when you search for an office, but this one is a clean, sleek option from Pixabay.


8. Jurassic Park backgrounds

You can find Jurassic Park backgrounds for Zoom like the Pexels Jurassic Park entrance photo. If you're looking for generic T-Rex and dinosaur backgrounds, there are quite a few on Pixabay.

9. Cozy library background

Many of you are schooling at home, and where better to feel like you're actually on campus than a calm library? This library background from Pexels surrounds you with books and some relaxing lights.

Janko Ferlic/Pexels

10. Harry Potter background

There are a few great Harry Potter-inspired backgrounds if you do some digging, but the best just might be this Hogwarts background from Pixabay.


Most users can get Zoom's virtual backgrounds, and the ability to upload your own photos and royalty free shots online pretty much gives you an endless supply of choices.