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12 TikTok Accessories To Buy On Amazon That'll Take Your Videos To The Next Level
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When it comes to TikTok, the right accessories can take your videos to the next level. Fun transitions, trending hashtags, and hilarious filters are always available, but it's the TikTok accessories to buy on Amazon that can help step up your content in a major way. Some of these accessories are what your favorite creators are already using, so why not treat yourself to them as well?

You don't need a full crew and tons of lighting equipment to create a TikTok video that looks awesome. Sometimes, all you need is a trusty ring light that can cost less than delivery from your favorite restaurant. And instead of finding a place to set up your phone for recording purposes, you will having a portable tripod on the ready. Let's not forget a good bluetooth microphone for quality sound in your duets and singing TikToks. By shopping any of these TikTok accessories from Amazon, you'll be making professional-looking TikToks in just about no time.

There's no better time than the present to have everything right at your fingertips so you are ready to get inspired. Once you come up with what dance challenge or drool-worthy recipe you're going to tackle, set up these TikTok accessories and it's "lights, camera, action."

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A Ring Light

A ring light is the number one accessory for anyone who wants to take their TikTok game to the next level. You just need to find the right ring light for your needs, and Amazon has a bunch to choose from, including this tabletop ring light that comes with its own stand ($21, Amazon).

An Adjustable Phone Tripod

Be able to record anywhere you go with a portable tripod for your phone. Unlike a regular tripod, adjustable mini tripods can be formed and bent to fit just about anywhere ($17, Amazon). Even some recipe and foodie TikTok creators use adjustable phone tripods so they can carry their phones with them while they whip up something delicious.

A Selfie Light

There may be times you don't want to set up an entire ring light to record your TikTok. In those cases, you'll need a cute little selfie light ($15, Amazon) that can be attached right to your phone.

Wireless Earbuds

A trick to creating quality dance TikTok videos is by using wireless earbuds ($30, Amazon). That way, you can listen to the music and get in the groove of things without having to be that close to your phone.

A Colorful Ring Light

Make sure your makeup TikToks are vibrant AF with a colorful ring light ($37, Amazon). Switching between different colored lights can totally enhance your makeup lewks. For example, a blue ring light can help you recreate the #euphoria makeup challenge like James Charles.

LED Room Lights

While scrolling through TikTok, you may notice that LED string lights ($27, Amazon) are a hot trend. They're perfect for setting the background mood, and can be adjusted for fun transition videos. You could even use these LED lights to make your very own TikTok cloud wall.

A Portable Charger

Between scrolling through your For You page and practicing different TikTok dances, you can run your phone battery down real quick. That when a portable charger ($28, Amazon) comes in handy to give your device extra juice.

A Tie-Dye Hoodie

Dress the part in your TikTok videos by rocking a cute tie-dye hoodie ($27, Amazon). You'll be channeling your fave TikTok stars in no time. You could even get yourself a tie-dye kit to make not only a hoodie, but also sweatpants and socks to match.

A Bluetooth Microphone

Your audio quality is just as important to your TikTok as your video. Make sure you have great sound and look cute at the same time with this bluetooth karaoke microphone ($26, Amazon). It's perfect for singing TikToks or interviewing your housemates for a funny video.

The TikTok Leggings

Any TikTok fan has probably heard of the leggings from TikTok ($25, Amazon). They can be found all over your For You page and might "make your butt look bomb," according to this TikToker's video. Regardless of whether you believe the hype or not, who doesn't need an extra pair of leggings as you're making TikTok videos?

A Cute Phone Case

Even though your phone is usually doing the recording, you never know when it might make an appearance in a mirror selfie. That's why you need to make sure you have a cute phone case fit for the occasion ($20, Amazon). Get something that matches your aesthetic or fave TikTok trend.

Phone Lens Attachments

Give yourself some lens options with phone camera attachments ($35, Amazon). These attachments will come in handy the next time you're able to travel, or even when you're getting creative at home. Swap between a wide angle lens to a fun fisheye for variety when shooting. The best part is that these camera lenses easily clip right onto your phone.