12 Texts To Send Your Hookup To Stay On Their Mind While You're Out Of Town

By Genevieve Wheeler

I don't know about you, but great dates (and especially great hookups) usually stick around in my mind for a while. I tend to play the night on a loop in my brain — dissecting everything he said, everything I said, and replaying our last kiss over and over and over again. Just kidding, of course. I'm totally cool and aloof. You definitely won't find a note in my phone called "clever texts to send your hookup" or anything. That would be weird.

But like, let's say you just went on a really great date — a ~play it on a loop in your brain~ kind of date — and now you're heading out of town for the week. I know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I'd also argue that new flings easily fizzle after a few too many days apart. Which is where that definitely non-existent list of clever texts comes into play.

Below, you'll find 12 flirtatious, silly, and thoughtful messages you can send to ensure you're on a steady loop in your new bae's mind until your next rendezvous.

The Classic "Thinking Of You"


In modern dating culture, it might seem virtually impossible to text someone and say, "Hey, I was thinking of you and wanted to converse," without seeming obsessive and awkward.

So, here are a few ways to say exactly that. But, you know, in a sneaky, socially acceptable way.

  • "I was going to follow the two-day rule and wait to text you, but I'm a rebel and here we are."
  • "I kind of miss you already?"
  • "Wish you were here to share this pizza with me." [Best accompanied by an actual photo of pizza.]

An Article You Know They'd Love


I love when someone sends me a link an article they think I'd enjoy – it's such a simple way to say, "I actually pay attention when you speak and have a decent understanding of your likes, interests, and love of the written word!" Your hookup is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness as well.

Examples of stories you could send include:

A Little Something To Keep The Thirst Alive


If you're feeling a little spicier, why not send a dirty text (or two, or three) about exactly what you'd like to do when you see your hookup again? Feel free to throw in a few sultry photos, too.

Try shooting over one of these messages if you want to get a steamier conversation going. And remember: You never know who might be looking over their shoulder, so test the waters before sending anything too risqué.

  • "Guess what I'm imagining doing right now..."
  • "You made an appearance in my dream last night."
  • "Just took a few photos that aren't exactly Instagram appropriate. Want to see?"

A Silly GIF Or Meme


When in doubt, always send a cute GIF or meme. They don't require hours of crafting and drafting, and they're almost guaranteed to put a smile on your hookup's face.

But, which should you send?

Feel free to jot these down before your next vacay or trip home for the holidays. Or add them to a note in your phone, I guess? Possibly titled, "Clever Texts To Send Your Hookup?" Just an idea...

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