11 Women Share The Dirtiest Texts They've Ever Sent & Wow

Maybe it’s the writer in me, but in my opinion, sexting is an art form. It requires the delicate balance of saying everything you'd like (to do or have done, I suppose) with everything you know they want to hear. Oh, and the best sexts to send to your partner also involve whole lot of descriptive adjectives.

Done poorly, sexting can quickly become awkward, unsexy, and downright bizarre. Trust me — a friend of mine once sent a picture of herself with her mouth on a raw eggplant to a guy. It… did not end well.

But done properly, a good sext is sure to get you and your partner going – whether you’ll be seeing each other later or have several miles and time zones between you.

So, what’s the secret to a great sext?

I asked women to share the dirtiest, sauciest, and most creative sexts they've ever sent. Some sent these messages from the middle of a lecture hall, others from their boyfriend's empty apartments, but all 11 of these women painted incredibly explicit and drool-inducing pictures (with and without the use of visual aids).

Grab a cool drink and maybe turn the radiator down. It's about to get pretty steamy in here.

This woman likes to build anticipation.

I had a guy coming to stay with me for the weekend, and we'd never actually had sex before (we tried once, but he'd had a bit too much whiskey, if you catch my drift). We just sexted a ton about what we were going to do to each other when we got together. There was so much anticipation.
I remember buying a few pairs of sexy underwear and texting him to say, 'Just bought some lingerie. I can't wait for you to rip it off.' He said he had to take a long deep breath after that one.

— Elizabeth, 25

This woman's wasting no time.

My go-to is sending a guy a picture of my breasts, which, predictably, gets him pretty thirsty. Then I just say, 'Yeah, but they'd look better with your cum splashed across them.'

–Claire, 24

This woman plays up her boyfriend's fantasies.

My favorite thing to do is tell my boyfriend all of the ways I️ want him to use me as his own personal toy: tease me, bite me, tie me up, pull my hair. We spent a long time living far away from each other, but describing his fantasies to him again and again like that always made our reunions more erotic.

— Rebecca, 23

This woman will call you "Daddy."

Dirtiest sext I've ever sent was, 'I’ll kiss you all the way down, call you Daddy, and make you finish so fast wishing you could have more.'

—Sara, 26

This woman saves her sexting for Sundays.

I was sitting at home one Sunday and texted a guy everything I needed and wanted him to do to me, fully depicting sex. I swear, it got me so horny I was ready to do the man sitting outside my corner store. But hey, holy or not, Sunday's the horniest day or the week, right?

–Amber, 24

This woman was definitely not paying attention in class.

My ex and I️ were long distance for a little under a year, so we’d sext a lot. One time I️ remember being particularly exciting was less about the words being dirty, and more about the fact that I️ was at school and getting flustered in the middle of a lecture. I️ don’t think anyone knew what was happening, but I️ did, and it was so hot.

— Ruby, 24

This woman let her photos speak for themselves.

I sent my boyfriend a series of really spicy photos one day. Mostly, uh, from behind. His response? 'God bless you.'

—Alice, 24

This woman is all about GIFs.

Sometimes, in long distance relationships, you need to break up the sexual tension with a little comic relief. Whenever my boyfriend and I are about to see each other, I'll send him a funny GIF [like the one below] right before I knock on his door.

—Danielle, 24

This woman likes to give her boyfriend a play-by-play.

I was in my boyfriend's apartment while he was at work one day, and I just continually sent him updates of what I was doing while naked. Like, 'I'm sitting at your desk naked. I'm lying in your bed naked.' Then I killed a mosquito that had so much blood in it and had to clean it all up off the wall... naked.

— Rachel, 24

This woman trades nudes for cat photos.

My boyfriend's currently house-sitting for my parents, and in order to get a snap of my cats, I have to send him a picture of me naked. The sexier the nude, the better the cat photo. If it's really good, I'll even get a video.

— Francis, 23

This woman does things the old-fashioned way.

Not exactly a sext, but I once sent a boy in Ireland a pair of my underwear via international snail mail.

— Azelea, 23

Feeling inspired? Get those thumbs moving, ladies.

Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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