Sexts To Send Your Partner If You Want To Get Their Attention

Maybe it’s the writer in me, but in my opinion, sexting is an art form. It requires the delicate balance of saying everything you'd like (to do or have done, I suppose) with everything you know they want to hear. Oh, and the best sexts to send to your partner also involve whole lot of descriptive adjectives.

Done poorly, sexting can quickly become awkward, unsexy, and downright bizarre. Trust me — a friend of mine once sent a picture of herself with her mouth on a raw eggplant to a guy. It… did not end well.

But done properly, a good sext is sure to get you and your partner going – whether you’ll be seeing each other later or have several miles and time zones between you.

So, what’s the secret to a great sext?

I asked women to share the dirtiest, sauciest, and most creative sexts they've ever sent. Some sent these messages from the middle of a lecture hall, others from their boyfriend's empty apartments, but all 11 of these women painted incredibly explicit and drool-inducing pictures (with and without the use of visual aids).

Grab a cool drink and maybe turn the radiator down. It's about to get pretty steamy in here.

This woman likes to build anticipation.

— Elizabeth, 25


This woman's wasting no time.

–Claire, 24

This woman plays up her boyfriend's fantasies.

— Rebecca, 23


This woman will call you "Daddy."

—Sara, 26


This woman saves her sexting for Sundays.

–Amber, 24

This woman was definitely not paying attention in class.

— Ruby, 24


This woman let her photos speak for themselves.

—Alice, 24

This woman is all about GIFs.

—Danielle, 24


This woman likes to give her boyfriend a play-by-play.

— Rachel, 24

This woman trades nudes for cat photos.

— Francis, 23


This woman does things the old-fashioned way.

— Azelea, 23

Feeling inspired? Get those thumbs moving, ladies.

Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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