Dirtiest Sexts To Send Women & What She'll Think Of Each One

I once had a friend show me X-rated sonnets a guy kept sending her. Instead of texting her photos of his junk or sending dirty sexts, he actually wrote 14-line poems in strict iambic pentameter that described his boner in Shakespearean terms. It was impressively nerdy and honestly the most creative sext I've ever seen.

If poetry isn't your thing, though, that's fine. Instead, take inspiration from real sexts that eight men have sent to their girlfriends, Tinder matches, and, in one cringeworthy case, his mom. (It was an accident!)

I'm going to let the men speak for themselves. Prepare yourself for what you're about to read — it's intense.

This man sent a nude and got a baker's dozen of sexts back... that his mom happened to see.

— Casper, 23

This man got specific about what he wanted — and she responded with the same.

— Sean, 25

This man sent a video of himself finishing that the woman never forgot.

— /u/jololothrowaway

This man texted his date about his boner, and she invited him over.

— Honan, 25

This man sent a graphic GIF of himself, and the recipient wound up showing it to her friends.

— James, 33

This man sends X-rated greetings on Tinder, but doesn't get responses.

— Ramon, 25

This man was inspired by Hollywood.


This man's sext was foiled when he accidentally sent it to his mom.


Lesson learned: Always check to see if you're texting the right person.

Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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