Women Reveal The Best Sexts They've Ever Received & They're Seriously Steamy

The generation that has brought you the ability to literally reject another human being with the quick swipe of a finger is also the one that’s taken credit for everyone’s new secret pastime: sexting. It’s just that we really can’t function without our phones. They’re a part of us and that means they’re a part of our sex lives, OK? If you’re wondering whether or not your Tinder match though your flirty message last night was the best sext she’s ever received, look no further.

I wanted to know what women consider successful sexting: what turns you on (or off) during your typical sexting sesh with a Tinder match or even with a long-term significant other? To be fair, most of these women could recall their worst sexting experiences way quicker than any of the good ones, but I was determined to find the perfect 5-star review.

These are the sexting conversations that definitely made an impression.

This woman welcomes photos and jokes.

Chelsie, 24, says, "I have gotten sexts as pictures and in words. One time, a guy sent me a full-body nude, and his penis was hanging down almost to his knees. So that was a turn-on to see."

As for the best non-photo sext she's received, she says, "The best I’ve gotten was a guy asking if it was OK if I squirted on his face instead of his mouth because he needed more moisturizer that day."

This woman loves a sense of humor.

Jen, 24, says she told her new beau that she wanted to take things slow when it came to sexting, but his charm was irresistible.

"His humor with, 'Got any samples of your writing?' and 'Is that available on Audible?' made me laugh so hard," Jen says. "He understood me wanting to take it slow but when he said, ‘I’m not trying to make it harder, I promise, but I’m not going to act like I don’t want all of you,’ that was a winner!"

This woman wants you to keep it simple.

Katrina, 20, says, "The best sext I’ve ever received was from a guy who texted me saying, 'Come out. There’ll be free drinks.'"

I applaud the brave men who sent these women the best sexts of their lives. But the truth is, most women say the best sexts they’ve ever received weren’t even about sex. That’s not for lack of trying on the guys’ part either since these women had tons of sexting fails to share.

This woman says she’s surprised she’s never received any actual sexts.

Annalisa, 21, says, "I have DMs asking me to be a sugar baby or to Skype guys nude but no legit sexts."

Presumably due to the severe shortage of interesting sexual and appropriate messages women receive from guys, they’ve resorted to awarding these hilarious messages, "Best Sext Ever."

This woman likes all things sweet (and drizzled in caramel).

Same, Dani. Same.

This woman knows what she wants.

If this isn't the most sexual thing I've read all day...

This woman likes it dirty (because money is dirty, what were you thinking?).

I think we can all relate, Harriet.

This woman confirms, once and for all, that nothing is sexier than pizza.

Finally, someone agrees with me.

Although guys are often quick to make the first move on Tinder, they seem to have a hard time figuring out when, what, and how they should sext. No one likes an unsolicited dick pic but a flirty invitation to have some fun via text never hurt anyone, did it?! Truly disappointed.

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