12 Memes About Exes That'll Make You Cringe Because They’re So Real

by Christy Piña

The days post-breakup can be rough. I know that, you know that — it's essentially a fact of life. But depending on your reason for ending things, the days post-breakup can also come with some relief. Maybe you were in a relationship that was constantly bringing you down, and now you can finally open your beautiful wings and fly the way you want to. But just because this relief begins to trickle in, doesn't mean you won't miss your ex or that they won't be on your mind from time to time. These memes about exes prove just that. You may feel like a new person, but they are still a part of your past, and the little things that remind you of them may not go away just yet. This is totally normal.

Thanks to my obsession with all things Harry Potter, I'm constantly on the look out for real-life magic. Music does it for me sometimes, but other times, memes are my go-to. With just a few words and a simple yet perfectly hilarious picture to go with it, memes can often portray the exact emotion you're feeling. They're lighthearted, enjoyable, and sometimes, all you need to feel even the slightest bit better about anything, really — especially your ex. Feast your eyes on these below for some serious laughs.

Time to focus on you.
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In the words of Ciara, "Tonight I'm doing me." And every night after that, too. You don't need your ex. It's all about you, baby girl.

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Even if you and your ex ended amicably, it's still low-key nice when you see you're doing a little better than them —whether it be in life, in school, or at your new job.

The weather will pass.
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Yes, they were always the perfect cuddle partner, but you broke up for a reason. Running back to them when the temperature drops a little may not be worth it in the long run.

Run, don't walk.
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LOL, please don't. I was finally cleansing myself of you and moving on with my life.

A classic.
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Can't put it any better myself.

Surprises are fun.
betches on Instagram

Oh! Hi there. Funny seeing you in this neck of the digital woods.

Ugh, Kevin! Get out of my head.
betches on Instagram

Gosh darn it, Kevin. Why'd you always have to order water!?

Hahaha no. Please iPhone, don't do me like that.
betches on Instagram

I appreciate your attempt at helping me remember a number I probably didn't save. But please, don't bring Kevin into this.

Ohhhh, is that why?
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

OK, yes. But I'm just trying to be polite? Right?

Shhh, you don't know it's me.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

That random meme account is secretly me, hi. As you were.

The prettiest shadow.
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They may have been a liar, but they were a pretty one. That doesn't make it OK, just fun to look at, I suppose?

elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

Imagine their surprise seeing you at the local bar with the girl they swore was "just a friend." Fun, fun times. At least it's another reminder of why breaking up was the right choice.

Whether your memories of your exes are nothing but happy, or perhaps slightly tainted by a bad breakup — the truth of the matter is, they are your ex. No matter how things ended, you two probably made some nice memories together, and looking back on those from time to time isn't a bad thing. But don't let reminiscing suck you back in. Remember: You broke up for a reason.

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