11 Tweets About Trying On Wedding Dresses That Will Get You An Idea Of What's In Store

by Ginny Hogan

If you've ever gone wedding dress shopping or even wondered what it was like, you'll love these hilarious tweets about trying on wedding dresses. Whether you are married, engaged, want to get married, don't know, or don't want to get married, you may still laugh when you hear some of the outrageous things these Tweeters have to say about finding "the dress." Wedding dress shopping is its own institution — there are literally whole TV shows about it. And for good reason — as these tweets show, this is an experience you'll never quite forget.

I personally don't know whether or not I want to get married, but I do know I love trying on clothes. And talking about buying clothes. And tweeting about finding clothes, which I consider to be the more affordable version of shopping (you get to go home with likes, which isn't a dress, but is still something). There's nothing I love more than a humorous story about someone else's shopping mishaps (or victories — I'm a nice person, I swear!).

I always think the bride(s) look beautiful at every wedding I've been to, so I know that no matter how crazy their wedding dress experience was, it turned out OK. So, I dug up these incredible tweets for your viewing pleasure.

Read on to find eleven hilarious tweets about trying on wedding dresses that will get you in the mood to buy something, even if it's not a gown.

A Christmas Shopper
emilymcwinter on Twitter

What a crazy sequence of events! I think it's a sign of good luck for the wedding, though.

No Need To Wait!
jazmincortez281 on Twitter

Wedding dress shopping sounds so fun — why can't I do it before (or after) I get married? I'm going to text my girlfriends now and see if they're down. They better be.

Dressing Up The Toys
indestructiblob on Twitter

If you think about it, clothing is a toy, mostly because it's something that makes me really happy.

gaby_wilcox on Twitter

Honestly, $700 for anything sounds like too much, and that includes dresses. And horses. And property, if I'm being honest.

Dad Is Ready
sorayamafi on Twitter

This is a great hat to have on hand in case someone tries to steal your perfect dress! Just have dad flip the hat over, and the dress is yours.

Princess Seeking A Pal
drummond_stevi on Twitter

Even Cinderella had her birds!

A Perfect Fit
megbutler123 on Twitter

Marriage is all about balance, so maybe wedding dress shopping is designed to train you for it.

Doesn't Hurt To Ask
chels_shamyyy on Twitter

I hope they weren't actually siblings. That has happened to me (not wedding dress shopping, but at other times).

Can't Wait
laurenycaton on Twitter

Maybe you've been dreaming about it for years! It never hurts to get a bit of a head start.

sorrydontclaire on Twitter

Somehow, I never get credit for my great sound editing.

Get Those Glasses Ready
bonafidebrownie on Twitter

You're going to be trying on a lot of dresses, and it's needs to be glamorous!

Any mishaps related to a wedding is stressful — it's typically a huge day for the people involved. Trying on wedding dresses may come with its own stressors, but it can also be a ton of fun to try on dresses with your girlfriends. Hopefully, if you are interested in buying a wedding dress someday, these tweets give you a good idea of what's in store!