7 Reasons To Go Wedding Dress Shopping With Only Your Sister

Even if there's a big age gap between you, the bond you and your sis share is unbreakable. You were blessed enough to grow up with a built-in best friend, and you wouldn't trade her for the world. I mean, who else gets to brag about having a BFF by their side literally since the day they were born? You feel so lucky, and can't wait to have your partner in crime with you every step of the way as you plan your wedding. One of the first major tasks is finding that perfect dress, and there are many solid reasons why to go wedding dress shopping with your sister.

Finding the right dress can be just as stressful as it is exciting. Scoping out the fairy tale ensemble from head to toe is a pretty big deal, and there's really so much that goes into it. But don't stress, because the perfect dress is out there waiting for you — and you and your sis will find it. Not only is she your BFF (and perhaps your maid of honor), but you know your sister is the perfect shopping companion. The very moment you try on your dream dress, you and your sis will know it's the one. Cue all the happy tears, because these seven reasons to go dress shopping with your sister are truly priceless.

She Will Deliver Completely Honest Feedback

You've probably always relied on your sister's honest feedback for just about everything. She knows exactly how to break it down for you. Even when you don't want to hear it, you know what your main girl has to say is coming from a genuine place of love.

Your friends might refrain from saying what's really on their minds, but your sister won't hold anything back. She'll let you know what works and what doesn't, because she wants you to look like a princess just as much as you do.

She Knows The Exact Vision You're Going For

This is the same sister magic power that makes you so freakin' good at Pictionary and charades. You can pretty much read your sister's mind. She knows exactly what your dream wedding dress is without you having to say a thing.

On the one hand, your friends might need some explaining and a sense of direction when you hit up the dress boutique. On the other hand, you may only need to say one word to your sister and she'll have a clear picture in her head of what you're going for. It'll make picking out the dress from the racks so much easier.

Her Reaction Will Be A Total Giveaway When You've Found The Right One

Some say that you'll just know when you put on the right wedding dress. The moment you step out of the dressing room and show your sister — just from her reaction alone — you'll know that that dress is the one you're meant to tie the knot in. You might not even look in the mirror yet and your sister's happy tears will be a solid giveaway. Or, you'll see her face light up with genuine happiness.

You'll Enjoy Some Sister Bonding Time Before The Big Day

You will be so busy planning the wedding for the next few months that any social time you have may need to be combined with wedding activities. That's why this solo sister trip is the perfect time to get in some sisterly hangs before the big day. Plan to get brunch before or after to really make a fun day out of it.

Less Is More When You're Looking For Feedback

In my opinion, when it comes to wedding dress shopping, less really is more. If you bring a huge party of moms, friends, aunts, and grandmas, you'll probably receive a million different opinions when you try on each dress. It might become overwhelming to the point where you can't even make a solid decision. When you're shopping with just your sister, you're only hearing feedback from her, so it'll be a lot easier to take in.

Your Sister Is The Best Cheerleader To Keep You Going

Finding the right dress for you can take some time — and that's what makes it all the more special. You might not find it in the first few shops you visit, and that may get a tad discouraging. Your sister is undoubtedly the best kind of cheerleader who will keep your hopes high. She's been cheering you on throughout life, and she has the pep talks down pat.

You Will Never Forget This Special Time With Your Sis

The moment you find the perfect wedding dress is such a monumental moment. You will never forget trying it on for the first time and feeling like a princess. You want to share this moment with someone just as special, and that's your sister. Years from now, you will smile whenever you think about finding your wedding dress, and then smile a little bigger when you remember having your sister by your side.