11 Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love If You’re Obsessed With The Zodiac

Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

So, you need some ink inspiration? If you're obsessed with the stars and everything astrology related, then you should know that there's a galaxy full of tattoos that will surely show off your love for all things lunar. You've been following the moon phases for so long now, and blame all of your life troubles on Mercury retrograde. It's only right that you get a tat that totally pursues your passion. These minimalistic tattoo ideas will be oh-so-simple, but still express your strong feels for the zodiac. You don't have to look to the stars for all the answers on this one, just your screen.

Tattoos can be a great way of showing off the things we love. Maybe you get a slice of pizza with your bestie because you're both always craving the 'za. Or maybe you get a little sentimental and ink one of your family member's initials. They can have a whole lot of meaning, or just be a little fun and flirty. It's up to you!

Joining team tatted is honestly all about individuality. And if you're a big believer in the universe and read your horoscope on the reg, then you know that we all carry certain traits and energies. Pick a part of your personality that you love, and wear your creative side on your sleeve.

The key is to never settle for anything less than stellar. After all, you'll have it forever! These 11 ideas are all minimalistic, and will totally spark your zodiac-obsessed soul.

A Constellation
alicethought on Twitter

Some things really are written in the stars. If you're so in love with all-things zodiac, then you've probably spent some nights looking up at the sky. You have all those apps on your phone that explain where everything is, and you've researched all the best spots for stargazing with your significant other, and even been to a few on the list.

A constellation will take all that knowledge you've soaked up and put it on you in the most meaningful way. Maybe you get the one that goes along with your sign. Or maybe there's another star formation you want to stick around forever. They're meant to be symbols of stories, and you have so many to tell.

A Crescent Moon
skylar_behappy on Twitter

The universe is a massive place, and you love believing in it because it totally puts things in perspective. Sure, you could get a whole galaxy along your arm. But, if you want to keep your tattoo simple, then I suggest this tiny crescent moon.

Place it on your wrist, or even on your ankle so that every step you take is filled with a little more light. You thrive when you're dancing until dawn, because you can see the stars, and feel so comforted by the cosmic forces. It wouldn't make sense not to get a moon.

Some Little Stars
erintaubert on Twitter

If you're a Harry Potter fan who also loves the zodiac signs, then this tattoo is double the trouble. A few little stars wherever you like will give you a little glow no matter where you go. Something so small and simple isn't meant to be flashy, but you'll feel a little more radiant despite not showing off a big piece to the entire room.

I personally love the placement of this tattoo, and how dainty it looks sitting right on her wrist. Take everything you could see in a telescope and put it somewhere closer to home. The moon makes the waves, but you're constantly reaching for the stars.

Your Star Sign Symbol
katrinaluffel97 on Twitter

Every zodiac sign has a symbol. If you want to be very straightforward with showing off your love for astrology, then you'll appreciate having your star sign so boldly on your skin. Especially if you find yourself connecting in all ways with your cosmic center, then you'll want to truly seal the deal and join team tatted.

Maybe you're a Leo and get a lion, or a Libra and get the balance to truly remind you of your core. Whatever it may be, wear it loud and proud.

Your Element Symbol
charlcallaghan on Twitter

With every star sign also comes an element. Fire, water, air, and Earth aren't just things we experience on this planet — they're also what we channel in our characters. If you're an Aries, you probably feel the burn when you're living your best life, and if you're a Virgo you've probably been called "grounded" by your besties more than once. Show off that skill and get it in a symbol.

The Phases Of The Moon
chrismofoart on Twitter

There are all of the colors of the wind, and then there are all of the phases of the moon. We all go through things in life and the only real constant is change. When we study the stars, we know that even when they disappear below the horizon line, they'll be back soon enough. Sometimes everything aligns and creates something truly stellar like the Super Blue Blood Moon.

If you're astrology-obsessed and want to show your lunar love some appreciation, consider getting this tat of all of the sides of the moon. Put it across your back, or even down your arm. It'll be a friendly reminder to you and your lifestyle to just go with the universe's flow.

The Sun And The Moon
yajairavd06 on Twitter

Where there's a sun, there's a moon not so far behind. We couldn't quite live without either of these balls of light in our lives, so really complete your personal galaxy and get both on your body. Sometimes, when life is feeling particularly dull, it's nice to know there's always some sort of light coming from the universe. Putting it someplace where you can look at it always will help you channel it even more.

This tattoo is also a great one to get with your bestie, if she loves the stars as much as you. One of you get the sun, and the other gets the moon, and you'll be bonded for life. Growing up you might have had those friendship bracelets, and now you'll be together forever — thanks to something more stellar.

A Lightning Bolt
kierawrr on Twitter

Everything in the universe is about energy. Our vibe attracts our tribe, and when the planets are in the right place, we feel a slight spark in our soul. Suddenly, we're more motivated to make the best memories, and have all the confidence in the world to do something different. Maybe that's when we should get a tattoo!

A lightning bolt will take all of those good vibes and make you feel like you have superpowers, courtesy of the stars. You know you're living your best life when the Sun is in your orbit and landing you the best opportunities. Get all of that good karma right on your wrist.

A Tiny Planet
forizzlelizzle on Twitter

If there was ever a party in the planets, you'd want to jet set into the sky just to see what it was all about. Next to the stars, you find the planets to be perfectly fascinating. You love the stories behind them, and studying the Milky Way.

The inspiration you need for a tattoo is one that's equally simple and sweet. Roaming the planets might not be a reality (yet), but take Saturn out of the sky and let it land wherever you like.

... Or One With A Rocket Ship
fool0fat00k on Twitter

Blast off! The only way you'll ever reach the stars is with a rocket. Like the lightning bolt, this rocket ship is the fun little burst of energy to complement your love of the stars. Get it with a planet, or let it fly solo with no real destination. This is for sure one of those fun and flirty tattoos that will have just a little bit of meaning, too.

A Meaningful Quote
allyshaiz on Twitter

A loosely written quote is always perfect if you're looking for something minimalistic. But, if you want to also combine it with your zodiac obsession, then you'll want something effortless and meaningful. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and if you're leaving your fate up to the universe or even taking matters into your own hands, then you'll want this reminder with you always.

Every once in awhile, life throws us some unexpected curveballs. Remember that it might not make sense right away, but that the universe has something so good in store — like one of these minimalistic tattoos.