11 Flirty Texts To Send Your Partner While You’re Apart Over The Holidays That Are Sure To Jingle Their Bells

No matter how long you've been dating your partner, it's not always possible to be with your boo over the holidays. Whether their family lives far away, they have to jet somewhere tropical and leave you shoveling snow at your dad's house in Uggs from seventh grade, or they have to stay in town and work, sometimes life gets in the way of you getting it on. But not to worry — if you and your boo can't literally be together during the holidays, these 11 flirty texts to send your partner while you’re apart can help you feel connected and sexy.

A LTR in no way means the flirting has to end. Texting your boo can be a great way to tempt and tease them, especially when you're spending time apart. If you and your sweetie can't spend the holidays together, your phone can be the perfect tool to help combat the distance. Although you may send sweet and sexy texts everyday, the holidays are a fun time to really kick it up. After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year!

If you and your partner can't spend the holidays together, here are 11 sexy texts to send them that are even better than a present under the tree.

1. Holy Night

When we finally get together it will be a not-so silent night.

Shepherds may quake at the sight, but I'm quaking thinking about the mini Uggs I ordered for myself for Solstice.

2. Future Planning

I have to be there in person to give you your present. I'll give it to you when I see you next.

The present is a trip to Lisa Vanderpump's S.U.R. — so yes, I will be there.

3. Goal Setting

My New Year's Resolution is to get you off everyday.

Let's be real, it's the only workout we'll both be getting.

4. Baby It's Cold Outside

Wish you were here to warm me up.

My space heater makes weird noises and I'm afraid to sleep with it on, so I guess you could keep me warm. But you better not steal the blankets.

5. Tree Hugger

Fooling around with you is like an evergreen, it looks good all year long.

No what else looks good all year long? Telling everyone you have plans and really just watching crime documentaries with your roommate's dog.

6. Pool Party!

When I see you, can we take a long hot bath together to warm up?

This also works if you have a gross winter cold, but are determined to have date night.

7. New Year!

Can't wait to start the new year off with a bang.

And I can't wait to end my New Year's Eve party with some Domino's.

8. St. Nick

Santa's not the only thing that's going to be coming this winter.

My Postmates order says it's on the way!

9. Checking It Twice

Are you feeling naughty or nice? Send pics.

I love a creative way to ask for pics. But I also love sending bae pics of my roommate's dog.

10. Toe The Line

Your apartment doesn't have a lot of ceiling space, so I guess I'll have to hang mistletoe from my belt buckle when I come over.

My roommate suggested I write a line about mistletoe and when I told her about this one, she was like, "That was not what I meant."

11. Sweet Dreams

Cardi B on YouTube
I hope Santa doesn't really see me when I'm sleeping, because all my pajamas are leather.

This is a holiday version of a Cardi B lyric. Honestly, everything she has ever said is sexy. "I like morning sex but nothing in this world that I like more than presents," is a good one too.

If you're sitting at the table, and you're worried Grandma can see your phone, "Miss you! Can't wait to see you!" works too. A flirty holiday text is a fun way to show your boo you're thinking of them, whether you're a Cardi in the sheets, the streets, or their inbox.