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10 Underrated Changes To Make In 2020 That'll Seriously Upgrade Life


The anticipation for the new year is real. And if you're counting down the days until it begins, too, then you likely have big goals and dreams on your mind. You may have a ton of passion, motivation, and energy, or detailed plans and resolutions written down in your phone. That's all well and good, but know that there are some totally underrated changes to make in 2020 that'll seriously upgrade your life, too.

They'll take your mornings — which may currently be a little sluggish and mundane — and make them into a time of coffee-infused bliss. They'll put you in control of your schedule, finances, relationships, and more, with basic and attainable steps. So, by the end of the year — or even the next decade — you can look back and feel like you lived and loved, bigger and bolder than ever before.

Of course, these changes will take some effort to maintain. (Waking up a little earlier than your alarms isn't always going to feel ideal.) But you can do anything you set your mind to — especially in this upcoming year. Like a cheetah, you can hit the ground running and truly upgrade your life by making these 10 underrated changes.

Start Your Day A Little Earlier

In the new year, you can vow to start your day a little earlier than you currently do. This might mean setting your alarms for 7:30 a.m. instead of 8 a.m., or rolling out of bed even 10 minutes sooner. Either way, it can make a huge difference and give you extra time to catch up on the world news, tidy up your apartment, or actually enjoy your cup of coffee.

Don't Order Takeout As Often

How many times have you told your roommates or SO that you were going to stop ordering takeout as often? Odds are, many. That's OK. But in the new year, hold yourself accountable and try to cook at home more. Whip up chicken and mashed potatoes, sign up for a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh to motivate you, and channel your inner chef. Spoiler alert: It'll do your life wonders.

Cut Down Your Screen Time

As much as you might love scrolling through social media and playing games on your phone, cutting down your screen time may be a #necessary move in the new year. It'll ensure that you have time to accomplish your goals, and aren't distracted by how others are living their lives. (Not comparing yourself to others, alone, can be life-changing.)

Take An Online Class

Whether you're in college, just graduated, or you're working hard in the "real world," it can be majorly beneficial to take an online class. Teachers and experts around the globe can expand your horizons and increase your skill set, all while you chill on your couch and take notes. Head to Skillshare, Masterclass, or even YouTube to get started.

Create A Personal Website

No matter what path you're following in your professional life, a personal website may be your newest passion. It gives you a place to show off your work, personality, and values; it's a corner of the Internet to call your own. Thanks to sites like Squarespace and Wordpress — amongst others — it can be really easy to create a sleek site, too. In the new year, dive into the features and templates they offer and build your brand.

Keep Fresh Flowers In Your Home

Having fresh flowers or plants in your home can upgrade your life in more ways than one. They can bring you joy when you come home after a long day, and remind you to always put one foot in front of the other and bloom. So get some succulents for your bathroom, a dangling ivy for your porch, or a bouquet of purple petals for your kitchen ASAP.

Add Seasonal Foods To Your Meals

When you go grocery shopping, do you think about the items you're buying in the produce section? Maybe. But in the new year, be more conscious about what fruit and vegetables are in season at the time. Purchase pomegranates in the winter, and squash in the fall. It'll upgrade your meals by making them more flavorful and delicious, and keep your body in tune with the planet as well.

Have A Nightly Skincare Routine

In the next year, don't skip out on your skincare routine. It can be tempting to do so when it's midnight and you're tired from a day of work and various activities. But the feeling of having a clean face and glowing skin is worth the five minutes of taking off your makeup and applying your creams. Do yourself a favor, though, and cut down the steps in your routine. This will make it easier to stick to it as the months go by.

Listen To Your Body When It's Tired

Arguably one of the most important changes you can make in the new year is to listen to your body when it's tired, instead of pushing through your exhaustion. Going to bed early, canceling your plans for the night, or skipping a workout will only prepare you to hit the ground running the next day. It can create a positive domino effect, and put you in a better place to conquer your goals and dreams.

Say What You're Grateful For Before Bed

Last but not least, saying what you're grateful for before going to bed is an easy and underrated change you can make in the new year. This positive practice can put you into a good headspace and leave you feeling appreciative for your experiences.