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Going Home For Xmas As An Adult Will Never Get Old Because Of 10 Reasons

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There are some things that'll never get old: homemade chocolate chip cookies, animated movies, and your favorite memes. Hopping on a train, bus, or plane to go home for Christmas as an adult tends to fall under this category, too. As you're carrying your suitcase through airports and stations, making your journey to your lovely hometown, you might have one pressing question on your mind, though: What is it about your week or so spent in your childhood bedroom, and in restaurants that you've been going to since you were in kindergarten, that gives you so much joy?

It could be the butterflies in your stomach when you see your besties for the first time in months, or the welcoming aroma of your mom's cozy meals as you walk through the front door. (Yeah, that sounds about right.) Sometimes, when you're chilling in your apartment, if you even think about those moments, your heart may begin to soar. You may smile from your couch and check the calendar app in your phone to see when those daydreams can become real life. You might also think about these 10 things that make going home for Christmas as an adult picture-perfect. They'll never get old, like, ever.

Getting Breakfast At Your Local Diner

When you come home, you may head straight for your local diner. The staff might know you well because you were a "regular" in the past, and give you a happy wave as you take a seat and browse the delicious menu. Of course, you don't have to look at your options for too long, knowing that you'll get the same as always. Home fries and a milkshake, pretty please.

Giving Your Siblings Advice IRL

When you're not home and sleeping across the hall from each other, you and your siblings FaceTime. You may talk about the various things going on in your lives and listen to their stories over video chat at least once a week. The perk of being home for the holidays is that you can have heart-to-hearts and give each other advice IRL. Nothing is better than that.

Snuggling With Your Pets At Night

There's not a day that goes by in your life when you don't think, "Do my pets back home miss me?" You miss them loads and cherish the moments when you get to cuddle up with your sweet pup or fluffy cat on Christmas break. You may even fall asleep on the couch with them after a night of TV-watching and #snugs.

Participating In Your Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions — whatever they may look like for you — will never get old. Whether you have an annual routine of picking out your Christmas tree as a family, or baking snowman cookies for an entire afternoon, you'll always love coming home and being a part of the festivities. They'll make you feel like not much has really changed over the years, even if you're hardcore adulting.

Running Into Your Teachers From High School

You may secretly adore running into your teachers from high school when you come home for the holidays as an adult. That's because they're always so interested in what you're doing and want to hear about your life in the "real world." Whether you're in the middle of the grocery store or the mall, you love giving them the latest scoop.

Shopping At Your Local Mall

Let's be honest: Some malls are better than others. They might have a better selection of stores, or a pretzel stand that makes your mouth water. This might be how you feel about your mall back home, in particular, that has your favorite brands and a big fountain in the middle. Shopping there is always on your Christmas break itinerary.

Catching Up With Your Best Friends Over Drinks
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Over the years, you and your best friends from home might've spread out. Some may be on one coast, and others may be on the other. It's all well and good, because you know you get to catch up with everyone during Christmas break over drinks and quality food.

Watching Movies With Your Dad

Spending time with your dad or the dad figure in your life during Christmas break might be one of your favorite things. It's always so relaxing and carefree. Together, you may watch movies that just came out, or actually go to the theater, grab a gigantic bowl of popcorn, and see the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise.

Waking Up In Your Room On Christmas Morning

The feeling you get waking up in your childhood room on Christmas morning is indescribable. You might still get that rush; the one that can only come from unopened presents and the aroma of French toast. It's one of the many reasons why you love coming home for the holidays as an adult — it makes you feel like a kid again.

Not Having To Worry About Your "Adult" Responsibilities

Last but not least, your "adult" responsibilities rarely take a day off. But when you go home for the holidays, you may be able to ditch your to-do lists and simply relax. Grocery shopping and cleaning your apartment aren't on your mind — and that will surely never get old.