A blonde woman in a metallic jacket poses in front of a snowy, decorated Christmas tree.

28 Captions To Use When You Cut Down Your Xmas Tree & Take Elfies


Every year, you head to the tree farm and pick out the perfect Christmas tree. It's a tradition you wouldn't trade for the world, because it gets you into the spirit of the holidays. Along with your besties or siblings, you walk down the snow-filled paths and find an evergreen to call your own. You take a few #elfies too, so you can document the moments on social media and use the captions for cutting down your Christmas tree in your phone.

However, sometimes, those captions don't perfectly capture your mood. They may be a little cheesy or cliché, or don't remind you of what it was like to wander in a winter wonderland. They don't point out the cup of steamy hot chocolate in your hands, or give the snowflakes on your eyelashes a well-deserved shoutout. To say the least, it's time for an upgrade so you can prep your post, hit the share button, and think, "Wow. That caption is solid gold."

You could search the Internet for quotes from your favorite holiday movies or text your besties and ask for their festive and clever ideas. Or you could save one (or a few) of these 28 captions for cutting down your Christmas tree in your phone. That way, you can chill with your people, focus on picking out the perfect tree, and take cool #elfies.


1. "Christmas trees and holiday things."

2. "Lookin' pine."

3. "All year, I pine over you."

4. "Fancy meeting you here."

5. "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Christmas trees."

6. "I wish you could smell this picture."

7. "Fact: Life is better with a Christmas tree."

8. "Time to cut down the tree."

9. "Oh what fun it is to pick out a Christmas tree."

10. "Season's greetings from the Christmas tree farm."

11. "These are the winter days we live for."

12. "This might be our merriest adventure yet."

13. "Calling dibs on all the Christmas trees."

14. "May the forest of Christmas trees be with you."

15. "You and me? It's chemis-tree."

16. "Let's get this one. It's tree-mendous."

17. "But first, let's pick out a Christmas tree."

18. "Here for the hot cocoa and Christmas vibes."

19. "I've never met a Christmas tree I didn't like."

20. "The cutest Christmas tree in the entire farm."


21. "Oh, gingersnap. Look at all these Christmas trees."

22. "Well, this isn't the beach."

23. "It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas here."

24. "Everything here is snow freakin' cute."

25. "Twinkly lights and winter nights."

26. "Hey there, December."

27. "I think this one is peppermint to be ours."

28. "From tree to shining tree."

Once you're done cutting down your Christmas tree and making a post on social media, you can then start decorating it and putting up lights in your home. Maybe you have a box filled with tinsel and garland, or you're in the midst of purchasing holiday decor with your love. Either way, you're going to continue the festivities you started at the tree farm and take #elfies as you go.