10 Texts To Send When You're Away From Your Partner For The Summer

by Ginny Hogan
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Summers in college used to make me a little sad. I had a boyfriend for most of it, and summers were our time apart. I'd leave campus excited for my summer adventures, but worried I wouldn't hear from him for weeks, and I feared we'd grow apart. As much as I loved the break from classes, I didn't love the break from him. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to stay in touch with a partner when you're apart, so I compiled some texts to send when you're away from your partner this summer. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder (a phrase that was undoubtedly coined after drinking Gatorade while parched).

You might be away from your partner this summer because one or both of you are traveling, or because you're interning in different cities, or really any reason. Your relationship doesn't have to suffer just because of the distance between you. After all, the last thing you want is to finally get a vacation and then spend the whole time wondering if your partner misses you. (Don't worry. They do.) Whenever you find yourself wanting to reach out to your partner, send them one of these fun, flirty, summery texts to keep the spark going, even when you're not in the same place.

"I Miss You"

It's simple, but it gets the point across. If you've had a busy day but you want to send your sweetheart a hint that you're thinking of them, dash off a quick "I miss you." They'll be grateful that you're thinking of them!

"Send Beach Pics Plz"

This is mostly useful if your partner is at the beach, obvi. The pool works too! Getting some sun shots will give you a nice view while reminding them that you're thinking of them and want to see them in the golden sunlight.

"I'm Having A Great Time, But It'd Be Better If You Were Here"

You want your partner to know you're having a good time (if you are, in fact, having a good time), but you also don't want them to have too much FOMO. If you're having a blast but you wish they were there, let them know. They'll be happy to hear you're having fun!

"I Miss You Like Seaweed Misses The Ocean Bottom"

This is cute and maybe a little too visual, but in a summery way. Let them know you'd like to stick to their cool ocean bottom. This text will make them laugh and remember why they miss you!

"Seeing You Is Better Than Vacation"

This might not be true (I've never really had a partner I've liked more than the beach, but maybe I've never been in true love — I am currently single), but it's romantic anyway. If you're away and having a blast, let them know what you're really looking forward to.

"Counting Down The Days 'Til I See You Again"

This is a simple, sweet, romantic text to send when the two of you are apart. Maybe your partner is traveling for a few weeks, and you're at home. You don't have to be lonely waiting for their return, but you can still be excited to see them again.

"This Sun Doesn't Make Me As Hot As You Do"

This is a pretty sexy one if you want to take the conversation in that direction. It could definitely open the door to some summer sexting, if you're both in the mood. Send them a text like this and just wait to see what you get back!

"I Want To Flop On The Sand With You"

Sand is good for more than castles and decorating the bottom of your car. It's also soft and fun for flopping, and if you think you'd like to get sandy with your partner, let them know.

"Do You Like My New Bikini?"

Sending a hot pic is a good way to stay in touch. They will probably respond "yes" (or something more enthusiastic, I should hope), but even rhetorical questions are valid questions to text a partner you're missing.

"This Sunset Is Beautiful, But Not As Beautiful As You"

This is a cheesy one, but a classic for sure. If you're out enjoying a beautiful summer night, let your partner know about it. And maybe send them a pic! (Of the sunset. But also a nude, later, if you want.)

Being away from a partner can be hard, even if you're both doing fun things like vacationing abroad. Fortunately, your phone will help you stay in touch, and you can send them a message whenever you want to let them know you're thinking of them. Don't be afraid to get off your phone, but when you return to it, text your partner something fun. They'll be happy to hear from you.

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