These 10 Sexting Horror Stories Will Make You Cringe So Hard, Your Face Will Hurt

by Sydnee Lyons

If you've ever sent or received a sext, you probably have a few sexting horror stories that you'd like to erase from your memory for good. Same. There's a reason people prefer to sext on Snapchat rather than over text. Snaps disappear and, with them, any physical evidence of your failed attempts at dirty talk. I mean, have you ever looked back at the sexts you sent to someone long after the moment has passed? I bet you could barely recognize yourself in them because they're so outrageously thirsty and just straight-up bad.

The good news is that your absolute worst sexts make for some of the best stories. Personally, I like to share the one about me accidentally sending an exaggerated, double-chin selfie that was meant for my BFF... to the person I was sexting instead. What? I can't multitask while I sext? (Apparently not.) I was embarrassed because that pic proved I'm not always doing what I say I am in those dirty messages. To be honest, I'm willing to bet no one is because that would require a level of dexterity attainable only with the help of a bionic sex glove.

I know, this whole sexting thing is sounding more unappealing by the minute. Just wait until you hear what happened to these 10 people while doing the digital deed. Yikes.

Sorry, wrong number?
Sent nudes. Get text back that says, 'My dad had the phone.'


I ducking hate when that happens.
I got one once that said "I'm going to dual you so hard" I was confused. Then I realized he was drunk and "dual" and "fuck" are the same keys. Still makes me laugh.


It's not what it looks like, I swear.
This wasn't exactly my mistake, but I was showing my mom a text fight between me and my husband, and she grabbed my phone away with the excuse that she wanted to know more, scrolled up, and ran into a dick pic.


*Fakes own death.*
What I meant to type: 'mmm, that feels so good.'
What autocorrect decided I meant: 'mom, that feels so good.'
Definitely killed the mood.


Hey Siri, a little help here?
I had an ex that always wanted me to text him dirty talk. This is not my style and I had no idea what to say so I’d just google dirty talk and copy and paste whatever I’d find. Worked pretty well apparently.


It's a family affair.
Meant to say 'I like when you suck my fat c*ck' or something like that
said 'I like when you suck my father's c*ck'
it was an autocorrect [thing] i think, with me accidentally typing in the 'h' after 'fat'. she pretended not to notice. still felt gross.


Please consider this my official resignation, effective immediately.
I accidentally sent a tasteful pic to my work group chat one time.... had to leave the group in shame.


Sharing is caring?
Not me but a friend got a message from some random person on Facebook saying 'I know you don't know me but my boyfriend cheated on me so here is a nude picture of him hard.' It was really weird.


Gang's all here.
I totally did this a week ago... I was sending a dirty message to my current boyfriend cuz he was at home and I was @ work I sent it my boyfriend and my ex and my mom and a friend of mine ... it ended up being an awkward day to say the least!


So. Many. Bodily. Functions.
Sister is in labor at the hospital. My mom is in the room texting me periodic updates.
Meanwhile, I'm jokingly texting my girlfriend, telling her that she's next to get pregnant because she abhors the thought of it.
Mom and girlfriend text me at the same time. I go to send a joking text to my girlfriend saying 'I'm going to pump you full of so much jizz that you'll end up being the next Octomom. Realized immediately after I hit send that it was going to my mom instead. Easily the most embarrassing moment of my life.
My mom didn't know what jizz was, so she asked my currently-giving-birth sister. My sister laughed so hard that she sh*t herself.


Congratulations! You suck at sexting, just like the rest of us. Carry on.