26 Of The Absolute Worst Places To Sext Your Bae

by Candice Jalili
20th Century Fox Television

A woman recently got in a car crash because she was trying to send a topless picture to her boyfriend while driving.

Although she did make it out alive, she obviously could have been seriously hurt during the incident. Not to mention, her pride and dignity have definitely taken a severe beating after the whole ordeal. Poor girl.

(That sounds sarcastic, but I'm being serious... I actually feel bad for this girl.)

I feel it is now my civic duty to save any future sexting related accidents by warning you guys of the WORST PLACES TO SEXT, whether it be due to physical or social harm.

Shall we? DO NOT SEXT while...

1. Driving your car.

Um, did you not read the intro? IT'S DANGEROUS.

2. Hanging out at your grandma's house.

Don't put Nana through that.

3. Sitting in class.

Just imagine your teacher taking your phone and reading the text... is it worth it?

4. Riding on the subway.

You are WAY too close to other people who can clearly see your screen.

5. Having dinner with your dad.


6. Watching a baseball game with your dad.

Odds are, you are sitting next to him. Put that thing away.

7. Making dinner with your dad.

Stop distracting yourself from father-daughter time.

8. Doing literally anything with your dad.

Unless you're some sort of sick psycho, I'm going to assume you don't want your dad seeing those texts.

So how about we decrease the odds of this happening by just, like, not sexting around him?

9. Waiting in traffic on the bus.

Again, we run into that whole "way too close in proximity" issue.

10. During Thanksgiving dinner.

Omg, you're at a table with grandma, grandpa, mom, dad and EVERYONE ELSE YOU COULD EVER POSSIBLY NOT WANT SEEING THESE TEXTS.

11. During Christmas dinner.

See Thanksgiving. Also, it's Jesus' birthday. Show some respect.

12. Getting brunch with your mom.


13. Shopping with your mom.


14. Doing literally anything with your mom.

Do you want her seeing these?!

15. Watching a movie with your brother.

How would you like it if you caught him sexting?

16. Grocery shopping.

I know those eggplants in the produce aisle might get you thinking some ~dirty~ things, but YOU ARE OPERATING A SHOPPING CART.

There is no room for distraction here.

17. Picking up your nephew from elementary school.

That's where children go to learn, you sicko.

18. Babysitting at the park.

I swear that's gotta be, like, some sort of felony.

19. During a meeting at work.

What if your computer/phone screen accidentally gets put on the projector?!

20. On vacation with your family.

Too many possibilities of people you absolutely don't want anywhere near your phone screen seeing your phone screen.

21. Volunteering at a retirement home.

Do you really want sweet old Mrs. Lieberman seeing that naughty picture you just sent?

22. While eating really hot soup.

What if you get super hot and bothered and spill the hot soup all over yourself?!

Omg, then you have to explain to everyone why you have third-degree burns. Ugh, what a mess.

23. Praying at church.


24. Playing an intense round of Pictionary with your friends.

That's messed up. You're letting your team down now.

25. Drunk at a party.

I guarantee nothing you're sending is sexy.

26. Riding your bike.

You can't bike and sext at the same time! That's unsafe!

Alright, you horn dogs, memorize this list and go sext responsibly.

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