This Bionic Glove Sex Toy Plans To Improve The Way Women Masturbate

by Alexia LaFata

A new invention is here to make sexy time with yourself even sexier.

That is, if you can get past the "bionic hand" part of the whole ordeal. The Glov is a new sex toy glove available in purple and fuchsia that will change the way ladies masturbate.

If you've ever felt your hand cramp up during those frisky, hot-and-heavy moments with yourself in the privacy of your own bedroom or shower, the Glov is for you.

On Indiegogo, the product description reads,

Currently, every self-penetration device on the market requires the user to hold and operate it in an unnatural and straining way. [The user has] to grip the device at its base, hold it at a 90 degree angle, and incorporate the whole arm in order to create the rhythmic in and out motion.

Now, the Glov makes it easier to use your favorite "stimulating device" (dildo or vibrator, basically).

Instead of grasping the device with your entire hand in an uncomfortable position, the Glov lets you attach the device to just three fingers.

Then, with the Glov, you control the device with your three middle fingers, and your pinky finger and thumb get to roam free.

Creator Steve Scrase says his product offers "maximum stimulation with minimum effort."

But, in my opinion, it mainly offers a weird satisfaction for women who are into robots. I mean, just look at the thing.

H/T: Daily Dot