10 Sexperts On Instagram You're Going To Want To Bookmark
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It's natural to look for guidance on something as widely experienced and simultaneously stigmatized as sex. If you've ever had a question about what sex can look or feel like, or how to have difficult-but-necessary conversations with your partner about your needs, wading through all the information (and misinformation) out there can be tough. So, why not incorporate a little sex ed into your daily social media scroll by following some sexperts on Instagram? From dating and relationships journalists and podcasters, to sex and relationship therapists, these experts can fill in the gaps left by K-12 health class — particularly if you don't feel comfortable talking to older siblings, friends, or parents. (You're not alone — trust.)

Perhaps you're still figuring out how to communicate with hookups, wondering if non-monogamy is for you, or looking for a sign to not hook up with your ex. Maybe you want the tea on STD testing and how to discuss it with your partner, or you're planning on sliding into your crush's DMs later and want some sex-positive motivation to gas you up. Whatever the case may be, these accounts can provide inspiration and education on almost anything you can think of when it comes to sex.

All Bodies (@allbodieshealth)

All Bodies is an online sex-ed resource that covers sexual pleasure, as well as reproductive and mental health. Follow them @allbodieshealth if you're in the mood to get schooled.

Tia (@asktia)

With its vibrant, easy-to-read Instagram graphics, Tia, a "next-generation women's healthcare platform," is like the cool aunt who can fill you in on sex ed. Tia has a period-tracker app that offers reproductive health advice, and an IRL clinic in NYC where you can receive care and wellness services like acupuncture.

Saskatoon Sexual Health (@yxesexualhealth)

This Canadian sexual health clinic, which provides pre-natal care, contraception, and STI/STD testing, stays posting helpful reminders about how to have safe and pleasurable sex.

The Sex Exchange (@thesexexchange)

Run by sex educator Janielle Bryan, The Sex Exchange is a Philadelphia-based series of sexual wellness events. It's Instagram is all about approaching your sexual journey with kindness and compassion.

Giving The Talk (@givingthetalk)

Run by sex education consultant Julia Feldman, @givingthetalk is all about "empowering all ages, genders and identities with fun, compassionate, medically accurate info" on sex. What's not to stan?

Ev'Yan Whitney (@evyan.whitney)

Ev'Yan Whitney coined the term sexuality doula to describe their work as "an educator, healer, and facilitator in the realm of sex education." Along with signing up for Whitney's coaching sessions (which include weekly hour-long calls, assignments, resources and email support), you can also follow their peaceful, sensual Instagram account to further explore your sexuality.

Dr. Shemeka Thorpe (@drshemeka)

If you're interested in the science behind sex, get into Dr. Shemeka Thorpe's feed. Along with constant, kind reminders to prioritize your pleasure, Thorpe also shares insights from her research on the role sex plays in women's lives, focusing specifically on its impact on black women.

Todd Baratz (@yourdiagnonsense)

Through @yourdiagnonsense's witty rainbow feed, NYC-based psychotherapist and podcaster Todd Baratz provides tongue-in-cheek sex and dating advice.

Ruby Stevenson (@rubyrare)

Ruby Stevenson is a sex educator for Brook, a London-based sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people. Chock full of body positivity and pastel-colored nuggets of sex ed wisdom, @rubyrare is a digital extension of Stevenson's work.

Inner Hoe Uprising (@innerhoeuprising)

Run by four co-hosts (including a mental health counselor and a psychologist and biologist), the Inner Hoe Uprising podcast is ripe with pro-tips to help you live your best sex and dating life — and its Instagram account is no different.

No matter what kind of vibe, aesthetic, or depth of information you're looking for, these sexpert Instagram feeds have you covered.