These romantic love songs are perfect to send your partner during the honeymoon phase
10 Romantic Love Songs To Send Your Partner During The Honeymoon Phase

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Depending on your relationship status, love songs probably make you feel one of two ways: 😍 or 🤢. But whether you're love sick or sick of love, it's hard not to appreciate swoon-worthy love songs. As well as making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, love songs have a way of articulating the overwhelming feeling of falling head-over-heels, which helps if you don't have a way with words yourself. There are plenty of romantic love songs you can send your partner during the honeymoon phase that will say, "Hey, I'm into you, but Shawn Mendes can tell you how I feel better than I can," and I've rounded the best ones up for you.

Maybe you two haven't said those three little words yet. Maybe you already have your future kids' names picked out. No matter how deep you and your new boo have already fallen, there are love songs out there to describe every phase of that early infatuation. Every relationship's honeymoon phase varies in length and intensity, but if you and your partner are still loopy with love and seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, these beautiful love songs are perfect to send to your equally-enamored SO.

"Malibu" by Miley Cyrus
I wanna thank you with all of my heart / It's a brand new start / A dream come true / In Malibu

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may be a thing of the past, but lucky for us, this upbeat song about the simple pleasure of spending time with your one-and-only lives on.

"I Believe" by Jonas Brothers
Well, call me crazy / And people saying that we move too fast / But I've been waiting, and for a reason / Ain't no turning back

It's easy for outsiders to judge how quickly your new relationship is intensifying. Jonas Brothers' "I Believe" is the perfect defense against those haters, because everyone's relationship progresses as its own pace, and TBH, how fast you fall is no one's business but you and your partner's.

"Easy" by Camila Cabello
Always thought I was hard to love / 'Til you made it seem so easy, seem so easy / Touch me 'til I find myself, in a feeling / Tell me with your hands that you're never leaving

Camila Cabello is seriously feeling butterflies for Shawn Mendes, and this sweet ballad is all about how a truly great relationship shouldn't feel like work — it should feel easy.

"I Don't Care" by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber
'Cause I don't care when I'm with my baby, yeah / All the bad things disappear / And you're making me feel like maybe I am somebody / I can deal with the bad nights / When I'm with my baby

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber are a duo I never knew I needed, and in "I Don't Care," they describe how a new relationship has the power to make all those stressors in your life feel trivial and far away.

"Falling Like The Stars" by James Arthur
And I need you to know that we're fallin' so fast / We're fallin' like the stars, fallin' in love / And I'm not scared to say those words with you, I'm safe

Falling in love is both thrilling and kind of terrifying. In "Falling Like the Stars," James Arthur nails that feeling of falling in love with someone new, and being able to trust that person not to let you down.

"Fire On Fire" by Sam Smith
'Cause when you unfold me and tell me you love me / And look in my eyes / You are perfection, my only direction / It's fire on fire

While some new relationships start off intense before fizzling out, Sam Smith's "Fire on Fire" points out that a passion-fueled romance isn't necessarily doomed — and sometimes, it's just really hot.

"All To Myself" by Dan + Shay
I want you here in my arms / We'll hide away in the dark / Slip your hand in my back pocket / Go and let your long hair fall / I want you all to myself

You know you're falling for someone when you can't stand to be away from them. Dan + Shay's "All To Myself" is all about wanting to spend as much time as possible with your boo, simply because you like them too much to share them with anyone else.

"Fallin' All In You" by Shawn Mendes
But since you came along / I'm thinking baby / You are bringing out a different kind of me / There's no safety net that's underneath, I'm free / Falling all in

Just like in James Arthur's "Falling Like the Stars," Shawn Mendes' own love ballad describes a relationship that doesn't require safety nets, because he feels confident that making himself vulnerable won't end in pain and heartache.

"Morning Light" by Justin Timberlake & Alicia Keys
'Cause I'm in love with you / Laying here in the morning light / And all I want to do, is hold you tight just one more night

Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys are another unexpected duo who produced another great ode to romance. This song's perfect for anyone who can spend hours lounging around with their new boo, because the only place you really want to be is in each other's company.

"Extraordinary Magic" by Ben Rector
Outta thin air, you appeared in my life / Like a burst of technicolor in a world of black and white / When my heart was locked inside a box, you reached inside / And now I see my future when I look into your eyes

Is there any better way to describe the feeling of falling in love than "extraordinary magic"? This Ben Rector song doesn't hold back, and if you're feeling the same way, you'll want to send to your SO ASAP.

These songs might make you wish that honeymoon phase would last forever, but I'm going to tell you a secret: A relationship that lasts through that early infatuation will only grow stronger and deeper every day. Enjoy every moment, friends.

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