A woman walks through the city with a denim jacket on, covered in patches.
These Cool Patches On Etsy Will Give Your Denim A Fresh Upgrade

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Looking through your closet, you've decided it's time to give your clothes a revamp. A new season deserves a fresh new look and vibe, so it's time to get some patches for jeans on Etsy and give your denim a fun upgrade. It's actually quite easy to give new life to old jeans you've been wearing non-stop. All you need to do is iron on a few adorable patches, and it's like they're brand new. You can even jazz up your go-to denim jacket to give it character and color.

That's what's so great about patches. They have the ability to let you add your own personality to your clothes and make them totally unique. You can choose patches with your favorite quotes on them, or choose something from your fave cartoon that'll bring on the nostalgia. There are even sequined patches if you want to shine bright, or you can go for something subtle like adding a few small flowers here and there.

Think of your denim as a blank canvas and any of these 10 patches from Etsy are your tools to work with. With some patches, an iron, and your creativity, you can transform your fave pair of jeans into something that's totally Instagram-worthy.

These Candy Hearts Were Made For VSCO Girls

You could probably get lost scrolling through all the adorable patches available on Wildflower + Co's Etsy shop. There are patches that feature crystals, lunar kitties, and beachy sunshine mottos.

It'll be difficult to pick and choose, but these cute candy heart patches are a sweet place to start. These are not your typical Valentine's Day candy hearts, either. Each one is a total vibe with sayings like "Nah" and "As If."

This Bob Marley Patch Is Totally Rad

Make your brand new jeans look totally vintage. Put on some patches from your fave classic rock and reggae artists like this Bob Marley one. Hood Hippies sells other band patches as well like The Who and Guns N' Roses if either of those are your jam.

This "I Need My Space" Patch Is A Total Mood

Let everyone know how you feel with a patch like this coffee one. It says "I Need My Space" as a reminder that you need a little distance before having your first cup of joe in the morning. If you really love coffee, you'll probably want to grab Sophiepatch's Starbucks Frappuccino patch, too.

These Butterfly Patches Have A Very '90s Vibe

Remember the days of butterfly clips? Well, now you can look extra fly with these butterfly patches. Happy Land Supplies has a ton of super cute patches like smiling cookies and crystal letters so you can spell out your name. Match your butterfly patches with some butterfly clips for throwback Insta pics.

This 'A Goofy Movie' Patch Is Great For Disney Fans

If you love Disney, you're going to love DiggityTails' patches. There are a ton of patches from your favorite Disney movies like a Little Mermaid seashell and a Hercules medallion. Though, if you're a big Goofy Movie fan, you'll love this Max as Powerline patch. It'll make you want to dance around to "Stand Out" after rewatching the movie.

These Cactus Patches Are Su-Cute

If you're a proud plant parent, you know you can't go wrong with a few succulents here and there. Create your very own cactus patch with some cactus patches. You can even caption your before and after pics with something punny like, "I'm a succa for you," or, "Looking sharp."

These Universe Patches Are Out Of This World

If you're always stargazing and reading your horoscope, you might want a few patches that are out of this world — literally. These universe-themed patches feature shooting stars, planets, and a little UFO in vibrant pastel colors. The best part is that you get all six patches in the bunch, so you can use a couple on your jeans, some on your denim jacket, and one for your dad hat.

This Flower Patch Is Perfect For A Floral Arrangement

These pink blossom are especially cute for your jeans. You can have a branch for each leg, and perhaps a blossom on each one of the back pockets. Don't forget to use some floral pun captions when you're ready to post your new denim lewks on the 'Gram.

These Witch Merit Badges Are Magical

These witch merit badges cover every lesson necessary to be a powerful witch, like potions, crystals, and herbology. Basically, if there were Girl Scouts in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you bet Hermione would have all 10 of these adorable badges.

Shine Bright With This Sequined Rose Patch

Add a bit of sparkle to your denim with these sequined rose patches. You get two blooms with each purchase, so you can put a rose on each one of your jean legs. Also, Patch Party Club has more than just sequined flowers. Their shop also features empowering quotes and astrology patches if that's what you're looking for.