10 Friendship Bracelet Kits On Etsy That'll Be Your Fave DIY This Summer

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Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily
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The nostalgia is real right now, because friendship bracelets are one of the hottest trends of the season. This DIY project instantly takes you back to carefree summer camp days with your friends, and the first step to making bracelets is collecting the necessary supplies. The many friendship bracelet kits on Etsy have made that part easy for you. These kits include all the materials needed to make super cute bracelets you'll be so excited to make and gift to your BFFs.

Plus, these Etsy friendship bracelet kits are more than just string and beads. Some include other things you might not have on hand, like looms, safety pins, and even scissors. On top of having an adorable, organized kit for yourself to have fun with, these kits can also be great gifts to send your long-distance BFF.

Plan a wine and craft night (if you're 21 or up) with your roomies where you make each other bracelets while watching your fave '90s rom-coms. To stay on the throwback DIY train, you can even make yourselves matching crop top tie-dye tees. While you're listening to *NSYNC and Britney Spears on Spotify, snap some adorable selfies and Insta stories, showing off your new homemade jewelry.

This Kit Includes Your Very Own Loom

There are different methods to braiding your friendship bracelet. In the past, you may have used tape, safety pins, or even clipboards to keep your string all together. However, one of the easiest ways to braid is with a loom. This Etsy kit not only comes with your choice of either rainbow or pastel-colored yarn, but your very own loom, too. You can choose between four different loom colors, including purple, yellow, green, and birch.

This Kit Includes Thread Only

If you're only looking for string and instructions, this beginner kit might be a great one for you. Each kit comes with four different string colors that you can request or have the seller choose for you. Order a couple kits to send to your besties with love.

This Kit Will Keep Your Strings Organized

Stay organized with a kit like this one. Not only does this box include string in almost every single color of the rainbow, but it also has alphabet beads, needles, and a pair of scissors. You'll have everything you need to start making bracelets and embroidering cute designs into those tie-dye tees you're making as well.

This Kit Is A Sweet Gift To Send To Just About Anyone Who Likes To Craft

Surprise your friend or loved one with a bracelet making kit like this one. The first thing your friend will notice when they open up their kit will be the cute card that says, "Life is better when crafting." Then, they'll see all the neatly packaged materials like waxed cord, beads, and tiny tassels.

This Kit Will I-LOOM-inate Your Craft Game

This kit includes just the string and your very own loom. That's really all you need to kick off your crafting journey. Feel free to use some punny captions when you post pics of your designs like, "There's always loom for more," or, "I'm over the loom that we're friends."

This Kit Is Perfect For Beaded Bracelets

This DIY kit includes over 500 beads to work with. There are round beads, pony beads, alphabet letters, and even some heart beads in the collection. Spell out your bestie's nickname or initials, because after all, they are the PB to your J.

This Kit Was Made For Serious Crafters

This kit is no joke. It has absolutely everything you need to start making some serious friendship bracelets. The neatly organized box includes 100 different skeins of colorful floss that can be used to make bracelets or your next embroidery project.

This Kit Is Great For Beginners

Whether it's been a while since you created friendship bracelets, or you're just starting out, this kit goes back to the basics and is perfect for beginners. It not only includes the string, two safety pins, and instructions, but also a sample bracelet made just for you that you refer to while creating your own.

These Personalized Mini Kits Make Great Party Favors

Throwing your BFF a bachelorette or birthday party? Well, you might want to get every guest one of these friendship bracelet kits. These adorable mini kits come with your choice of string and all the alphabet beads you need to spell out your name, wrapped in a super cute tube. (Don't let the description fool you — the seller notes that the size fits adults as well.)

Make Both A Bracelet And Anklet With This Kit

Send positive vibes your BFF's way. Each one of these kits comes with enough supplies to make one bracelet as well as one anklet. Show off your new jewelry with some snaps for the 'Gram in your fave pair of denim shorts and new ankle bracelet.

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