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These Cool Friendship Bracelet Tutorials Will Update Your Wine & Craft Night

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It's been a minute since you spent your summers making friendship bracelets during arts and crafts time at camp. Even if you're a bit rusty, all you need are these cool friendship bracelet tutorials on YouTube to get back into the swing of things. This nostalgic DIY project is making a comeback this season, so it's time to break out your supplies and start making the colorful jewelry of your dreams.

If you're in the 21 and up crew, turn your next wine night with your besties into a wine and craft night. The most important first step is picking out your BFF's favorite colors. Once you've got that all sorted out, all you need to do is follow any of these eight YouTube friendship bracelet tutorials. Go back to the basics and make a simple knot bracelet or try a few advanced level designs. Make something with hearts to show your friend how much you love them, or try a thick rag rug design if that's more your BFF's vibe.

When you're done crafting your designs, make sure to take a group photo of everyone showing off their new bracelets. Then, use some friendship bracelet captions for the 'Gram that prove once and for all that you're meant to bead friends forever.

A Simple Diamond Design

This easy-to-follow tutorial covers how to create a diamond design as you're making various knots. If you want something subtle, pick out string that has similar shades of color. You could also choose contrasting colors to make your diamonds really pop.

Braided Stitch Bracelets

Along with making bracelets at summer camp, you and your besties would braid each other's hair on the reg. This bracelet design looks just like a traditional hair braid, so it's a fun little throwback to try your hand at. It's also perfect for a trio, because you can each pick a color that represents you and make matching bracelets that have all three shades in them.

A Chevron Bracelet

The chevron design is a step above a basic striped bracelet. It may look more on the difficult side to create, but it's simply a bunch of knots. The hardest part is keeping your strings organized, so make sure everyone has a big enough workspace to not getting tangled together.

A Variety Of Fun Bracelet Designs

If you're looking for a variety of designs, this tutorial features four different techniques you can choose from. You and your besties can watch one video and walk away with bracelets that look completely different. Or, you can each make them all! This video even includes the spiral bracelet design, which was probably one of the first friendship bracelets you learned how to make.

Different Levels Of Difficulty Bracelets

If you haven't made friendship bracelets in years, you might want to work your way up to the more difficult designs. This video has three different bracelet DIYs that range in difficulty level. If you remember the basics, you might want to kick things off with the second bracelet design. It's a simple candy stripe that you can work on with your favorite colors.

A Heart Friendship Bracelet

Show your BFF how much you care with this heart friendship bracelet design. If you've already nailed down the chevron bracelet tutorial, try your hand at this one. It takes the same technique of knots and keeping your strings organized, but there's a slight difference to give your heart its top.

A VSCO Bracelet

Shoutout to all the VSCO girls who made it super cool to layer up friendship bracelets. Take on the VSCO girl style by making a bunch of candy stripe bracelets like the one in this video, and wearing them all together. Stream this tutorial, and you'll also get a lesson on how to make an adjustable knot, which will come in handy for all your bracelets.

A Rag Rug Bracelet

Looking for a thick bracelet design? Try this rag rug-inspired design that allows you to create a bracelet as wide as you'd like. You can even use a ton of different colors for a bracelet that's as vibrant as the rainbow. Once you've completed your craft, make sure to use clear nail polish on the ends so your string doesn't unravel over time.

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