A bunch of homemade friendship bracelets lay on the wood floor.
12 Cool Friendship Bracelets On Etsy To Give Your Number One Since Day One

One of the quickest ways to spot two BFFs is if they're wearing matching friendship bracelets. The nostalgic trend of giving your bestie matching jewelry is making a comeback this season, and you can gift the PB to your J one of these cool friendship bracelets on Etsy right now. If you and your best friend are long-distance, this is a super sweet way to show them how much you care with a little surprise delivery in the mail.

Get your friend a homemade bracelet with their nickname on it, or send them all the supplies necessary for them to craft their own. The best part about Etsy is that a lot of their products offer customization, so you can purchase a bracelet that is super unique, just like your best friend.

Plus, Etsy offers so many different options to choose from, like the woven string bracelets similar to the ones you used to make with your BFF at summer camp. There are also beaded ones and stamped cuff bracelets so you can get something that perfectly matches your BFF's style. You know your friend better than anyone else, so out of these 12 adorable friendship bracelets, pick out the one that will instantly make your bestie smile.

This DIY Starters Kit Will Kick Off Your Crafting Journey

If you and your bestie love a good DIY project, you might want to get this friendship bracelet kit. It has everything you'd need like colorful thread and safety pins, so you both can make your own bracelets. It even has a how-to guide if you need a little refresher.

This Kit Makes Six Different Bracelets

You can make an assortment of bracelets with this cute friendship bracelet kit. Pick which color your bestie will like most out of turquoise, black, olive, berry, and blush. The kit includes all the materials necessary to make six different style bracelets.

This Friendship Bracelet Has A Secret Message

You share all of your secrets with your BFF, so why not share a secret message in your friendship bracelets? This friendship bracelet uses beads to represent morse code. Put whatever word you want on your bracelets, like a special nickname or inside joke.

This Customizable Cuff Bracelet Is Minimalistic Chic

If you think your bestie might prefer a metal bracelet, give them this cuff style friendship bracelet. Choose between rose-colored copper, nugold, and aluminum for the cuff. Then, add your own special message with your choice of three different fonts.

These Boho Wrap Bracelets Are Super Colorful

If your friend loves boho accessories, go for these colorful wrap bracelets. Personalize your bracelet by choosing a color combo you know your BFF will love. This purchase also comes in a set of three, so you can get matching bracelets for everyone in your bestie trio.

This Bracelet Can Have Your Friend's Name On It

You can personalize this bracelet with a message up to 16 characters. You can go with something simple like BFFs, your bestie's name, or your squad's name if you've got one. You can even choose from different color combos for the words and the background out of 27 shades of string.

This Pair Of Stamped Bracelets Is So Sweet

This purchase comes with a set of two bracelets, so there's one for you and one for your BFF. Get a special personalized message stamped onto each one of the bracelets. There are even cute symbols you can add like hearts, whales, and pineapples.

These Bracelets Have An Assortment Of Unique Designs

These braided string bracelets will make you so nostalgic. Choose between 80 different color combos. With so many options, you're sure to find a style that's perfect for you and your BFF.

These Bangle Bracelets Have "Best Friends" Written On Them

Remember the days of heading to the mall and picking out BFF bracelets that when you put them together, they spell out "Best Friends?" Well, these friendship bracelets are the perfect throwback jewelry to remind you and your BFF since day one of those days.

These Friendship Bracelets Have A Major VSCO Vibe

Complete your VSCO girl vibe with these macrame friendship bracelets. Each bracelet comes in a different pattern, so you can either choose something that's your BFF's favorite colors or the pattern that you know they'll like the most.

These Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelets And Anklets Are #Necessary For Summer

Don't just get your BFF a bracelet, give them a matching anklet, too. These adorable candy stripe design bracelets can be used for your wrist or your ankle. You can even customize it by choosing how many strings you want for the width and what colors.

These Beaded Customizable Bracelets Will Make You Nostalgic

Channel a beaded design with these friendship bracelets. All you have to do is pick your bracelet color out of 10 pastel options. Then, personalize it with your bestie's name written out with silver beads.