A couple jokes on the green velvet couch in their new apartment during the holidays.
10 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Partner When You Move In Together


Moving in with your partner can be a really amazing milestone. After a lot of packing and unpacking, you get to share a space and a lot of "firsts" together. For example, you get to cook dinner as a couple and decorate for the holidays. There are also many holiday traditions to start with your partner that you can participate in once you have the same set of keys.

These are the cuddly nights watching movies like The Holiday and Just Friends, and the Saturday afternoons spent listening to Ariana Grande's Christmas & Chill album. They're the moments you've dreamed about since you two started dating, and thought about what it would be like to wake up next to each other on a snow day. Back then, you imagined you'd stay in pajamas all day long and bake cookies shaped like snowmen.

Now, you get to turn those daydreams into a reality and start all kinds of sweet traditions with your bae. Maybe you'll put together a gingerbread house for your kitchen, or drink hot cocoa out of matching mugs. Either way, it'll be straight-up adorable, especially since you're living together. Here are 10 traditions you can consider starting right now, and continue forever.

Send A Holiday Card

If you and your partner are ready to check off another milestone, you can send a holiday card together. This may include a sweet picture of the two of you during a recent #vacay, or a simple note like, "Season's greetings." It'll spread your love to all of your friends and family members.

Go Shopping For Ornaments

Some couples may put up an evergreen tree around this time of the year to celebrate the holidays. They may deck it out with ornaments, twinkly lights, and novelties. You and your partner might decide to do the same, and want to start a fun tradition of shopping for new and exciting pieces to place on every branch. If so, get ornaments that really show off your personalities and unique interests as a couple.

Drink Out Of Matching Mugs

Drinking hot cocoa is a necessity when the weather gets cold. So, drinking out of matching mugs with your significant other is a crucial tradition to start. Especially if you're cuddling up by a fire or on the couch on a snowy night, this tradition will keep you feelin' cozy and cute.

Host A Big Meal With Your Friends

One of the raddest things about having a place with your SO is that you can start hosting events like family-style dinners with your best friends. Around the holidays, you can pick one night to have everyone over and share tasty bowls of gourmet mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole. Just have everyone bring one unique dish to get this tradition going.

Decorate With Twinkly Lights

Growing up, your family may have pulled out the same twinkly lights and decorated your home every year. Your dad might've jokingly complained about the strands getting tangled, while your mom happily switched out the bulbs that have burned out. You and your SO can get into the same routine by putting up your own lights this year and next.

Bake Sugar Cookies

What's sweeter than sharing a kitchen with your partner? Baking sugar cookies in it together, of course. This time of year is the perfect time to whip out your pans, mixing bowls, and creative sides, and decorate shaped cookies with festive designs. Just don't forget to take a bite after everything has cooled down, OK?

Enjoy A Winter Brew

Going to breweries or quaint wineries in the winter is always a fun thing to do with bae. It gives you two the chance to check items off your bucket list and take adventurous pics. Around the holidays, though, you can start a new tradition by sipping a new brew at home. Every holiday season you can pick a new one to enjoy for endless Decembers to remember.

Watch The Holiday Episodes Of A Sitcom

The holiday episodes of a sitcom like Friends or The Office are arguably some of the best. They show your favorite characters getting into mischief, or falling in love during the holidays. That's why you and your SO should turn on the episodes you've come to know and love, and curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn. You'll both get a kick out of the scenes where they try to take a holiday picture or host a party.

Have A Candy Swap

Moving in with your SO means you're about to learn even more about them. However, it also means you already know some of their favorite things, like what kind of candy they enjoy most around the holidays. Turn those fun facts into a tradition and have a candy swap with bae. Come home with your sweets all wrapped up, and exchange the tastiest gifts of all.

Make S'mores Near A Campfire

Last but not least, if you and your partner are living in a place with a big backyard or access to a fire pit, then you should make s'mores near a campfire. You should cozy up on a log or lawn chair, and roast marshmallows to perfection. Then, when you're done or starting to feel a little chilly, you can run back inside and watch your favorite holiday movies.