25 'Friends' Celebrity Cameos You Definitely Forgot About

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There are many reasons why Friends remains so popular after premiering more than 25 years ago, but one of the mot obvious is its super-talented cast members and their off-the-charts chemistry with one another. In each episode of the classic sitcom, the core six friends really did seem like a tried-and-true friend group who would be super fun to hang out with in real life. That's why whenever a new actor joined them for a bit, it was a pretty big deal to see how they new person would interact with everybody's favorite friends. There were countless Friends celebrity cameos over the course of the show's 10 seasons, and each brought a whole new dynamic to the show.

The live studio audience always seemed to love these guest-star appearances (as evidenced by the show's controversial laugh track). No matter if it was a major role that a big star took on for a multi-episode arc, or a much smaller spot that you might have missed if you blinked for too long, the applause was always thunderous when a familiar face joined in for a scene. Then of course, there were the appearances by actors who were, at the time, relatively unknown and didn't get much fanfare back in the day, but now that they're well-known, they bring even more delight to re-watchers.

No matter what form they take, these celebrity cameos on Friends are worth checking out again and again.

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