Jennifer Aniston Is Coming Back To TV With Reese Witherspoon In This New Apple TV+ Show

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We knew Apple TV had big plans for the future of its streaming content, but compared to other subscription services' upcoming endeavors, fans didn't know much about the company's relatively mysterious TV projects. But following a March 25 announcement revealing more about its streaming plans, Apple TV has finally spilled info about Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon's series focusing on morning television. What is The Morning Show? Aniston and Witherspoon teased more about the series at Apple TV's special event.

ICYMI, Aniston and Witherspoon, who previously played sisters on the sitcom Friends, essentially broke the internet in 2017 when Apple picked up their then-untitled series about working on a morning TV show. Already equipped with a two-season order, the show was initially described as a close look at the people involved in America's morning news shows. Brian Stelter's book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, which primarily details the rivalry between network staples TODAY and Good Morning America, would also provide additional background to the story.

The Apple series marks Aniston's first starring TV role since Friends. Steve Carell was also announced as the drama's male lead in October 2018, making his first return to a regular TV role since starring in The Office. Given this stellar casting and a fascinating source, the project was becoming a much-anticipated series despite fans knowing practically nothing about it.

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But just as Apple is guaranteed to find ways to improve the iPhone, the company is bound to surprise its followers. When Apple teased its March 25 announcement, its official invitation to the coinciding event included the tagline, "It's show time." The same phrase was apparently used when the first glimpse at what would become Apple TV was announced in 2006. In the days leading up to the event, rumors of big stars attached to Apple projects attending also emerged.

It appeared that the odds were finally in our favor and that we were getting some answers about Aniston and Witherspoon's show, but the truth wasn't quite what we expected.

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Introducing a mission to debut entertaining aspects of the company's technological services, the Apple event's presentation revealed updates to the Apple TV app before discussing its upcoming original content on the new streaming platform Apple TV+. Aniston and Witherspoon first appeared in a video package starring Apple's creative partners and their pursuits of creating TV and movies.

The duo then appeared onstage together to officially announce their Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, and its focus on the power dynamic between men and women in the morning TV field. Carell joined the pair to joke about his role as the series' token male before the group hinted to the audience that the series is on its way. In a later video summarizing the platform's projects, brief clips from the show featured Aniston and Witherspoon on a TV set resembling your typical morning show. Given the event's major buildup, this vague Morning Show tease fell a little short, but at least we now know it'll pop up on Apple TV+ sooner rather than later.

According to The New York Times, filming for the first season of the series is nearly completed. It's due to appear on Apple TV+ alongside projects such as a drama adaption of the novel Are You Sleeping? and an anthology series focusing on stories of immigrants coming to the United States.

With two seasons of their TV show already confirmed, it looks like Aniston and Witherspoon's work will play a huge part in the subscription service's initial success. We'll keep an eye out for more about The Morning Show.