A monster book cake based off the one from 'Harry Potter' sits on a kitchen counter.
10 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Recipes For Halloween Magic In Your Own Cauldron

Let's face it: No one does Halloween better than the wizarding world of Harry Potter. What better way to spellbound the season than with nearly headless ghosts, fantastic beasts, and a castle full of magic? And let's not overlook the spooktacular sweets and treats found at Diagon Alley that you can mix up in your own cauldron, thanks to Harry Potter recipes for Halloween on YouTube.

If you're planning a mystical Harry Potter-inspired backyard party for All Hallow's Eve, you should add a few jelly slugs and dragon eggs to your menu. You can also include Harry Potter go-to recipes like butterbeer and chocolate frogs. But if you're looking to create a fangtastic vibe for a spooky gathering, don't just serve cupcakes... prepare mandrake cakes that will make any guests flying in on a broomstick squeal with delight. Serve a monster cake that any vampire friends can't wait to bite into as well.

This list of 10 Harry Potter Halloween recipes includes both savory and sweet items, so you can serve a whole feast — if you dare. Decorate your backyard with a string of candlestick lights ($46, to make your dessert table appear like it's in the Great Hall. Set up an outdoor movie theater so you can watch your favorite Harry Potter movie while snacking on your themed food. Whatever you decide to do, this Halloween, just make sure it's delicious and all your mischief will be managed.

Baked Pumpkins

For a savory and oh-so-seasonal dish, serve these adorable baked pumpkins. They resemble stuffed peppers, but are mini pumpkins filled with an onion, pepper, and coriander couscous. Not only are these tasty, but they're also totally Instagram-worthy, so be sure to take a pic and use a pumpkin pun as your caption.

Mandrake Mug Cakes

Mug cakes are so easy to prepare. You can have a single serving of chocolate cake in no time that resembles your very own potted mandrake. This tutorial uses a fake plant and a wooden figurine to make the mandrake, but you can follow this mandrake cupcake recipe to make an edible mandrake. All you'll need are caramel candies and a sprig of fresh mint. Don't forget to get some plant pot mugs ($21,

Flaming Cauldron Cakes

Cauldron cakes are a must for any Harry Potter party, but this recipe is just right for Halloween. Follow this tutorial and you'll learn how to pipe icing on top to make it look as though your cauldron is bubbling with flames. Use some green icing as an alternative if you want to look like you're brewing something wicked delicious.

Jelly Slugs

Creep it real with some jelly slugs. You'll feel like Ron when he hexed himself. This video contains a recipe to make the slugs and an edible slime that you can serve with them for an even creepier treat.

Dragon Deviled Eggs

You've never seen deviled eggs like this before. With some food dye, you can make your hard boiled eggs look like they came from a fantastical beast. These are perfect finger foods for your friends to snack on throughout the night.

Polyjuice Potion

This video has three different Harry Potter drink recipes, but the polyjuice potion is the most spooktacular of the bunch. With lime green limeade, this concoction is vibrant AF. Serve this drink in glass vials ($15, so your guests really feel like they're drinking a potion.

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Pasties

Don't just make pumpkin pasties; make them look like adorable jack-o-lanterns. This is one way to turn a popular Harry Potter recipe into a Halloween-themed one. The way you get the jack-o-lantern face is to use a pumpkin cookie cutter ($3, It's as simple as that.

Hogwarts House Bubble Waffle Cones And Ice Cream

You'll be screaming for this homemade ice cream recipe. It's based on the chocolate and raspberry ice cream that Harry gets from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour in Diagon Alley. The raspberry marble can look like blood, which is perfect for Halloween.

Don't just stop at the ice cream, either. Serve your homemade treat in colorful bubble waffle cones based on your Hogwarts house.

Licorice Wands

No need to stop by Ollivanders when you can make your very own licorice wand at home. Not only will this treat remind you of all the Halloween candy you used to get as a kid, but you'll also have fun posing with your wand for magical pics as well.

Monster Book Cake

You'll definitely want to take a bite out of this monster book cake. Based on the The Monster Book of Monsters, this is a chocolate cake with monster fur icing. Snap some pictures before you slice into this treat, because it's not only delicious, but also ready for its closeup.