Friends make some sushi rolls in their kitchen together.
10 Easy Family Dinners To Make With Your College Collab House Roomies

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Late-night study sessions aren't the only time you and your roomies can collaborate this semester. Get together in the kitchen to whip up some easy dinners to make with your roommates in your college collab house. Since many universities are moving to virtual classes this semester, these college collab houses have become a popular way for students to experience #dormlife with their best friends. By renting a house off-campus, this is a safe and fun way for students to "go" to class and still spend time with their friends.

It's basically like creating your own mini campus, and cooking dinner every night together can be a fun way to do some housemate bonding. Combining your skills in the kitchen, you can put together some truly Insta-worthy dishes that are way more impressive than your typical dining hall pizza. Take turns sharing family recipes or try any of these 10 easy dinner recipes from YouTube.

You can either have family dinner every night or select a special night once a week to go all out. Document the whole cooking process for the 'gram and use #collegecollabhouse on your posts. Then, dress up, set the table, and dish on your Zoom lectures and funny inside jokes over a tasty meal.

Smothered Chicken And Gravy

When you're away from or missing home, you might really crave some comfort food. That's where this tasty "Smothered Chicken and Gravy" recipe comes in. Along with your main dish, you can pair it with an easy, classic side such as homemade mac 'n' cheese.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Not only are stuffed peppers a totally Insta-worthy dish, but they're easy to make. This brown chicken-stuffed bell peppers recipe includes onions, chicken, rice, and tomato sauce, but you can experiment with your roomies and add other ingredients you love, like lentils or beef instead of chicken.

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

While instant ramen is a college staple, you know homemade ramen is always better. With everyone's help in the kitchen, you can make your very own tonkotsu shoyu ramen from scratch. You'll love it so much that it'll be hard to ever go back to the instant stuff.

Pad Thai

You might usually order pad thai at least once a week from your favorite restaurant, but you can save some serious money by making it from scratch. While some of you work on the pad thai, the rest of your roomies can mix up some Thai iced tea and mango sticky rice for dessert.


Sushi might be another one of your go-to delivery orders, so learning how to make your own rolls at home can be incredibly budget-friendly. This tutorial shows you how to make sushi four different ways, but once you've mastered a few rolls, you can create your own. This can be a fun way for each of your roomies to show off their unique tastes and skills by making their own sushi rolls named after them.

Breakfast Tacos

Have a breakfast for dinner night where you make some of your favorite early-morning dishes like these breakfast tacos. If you know you have a late-night study session ahead of you, feel free to make some iced coffee drinks to go with your breakfast dinner.


Just like the sushi rolls, pizza is a fun way to get creative in the kitchen and show off each of your unique personalities. Have a pizza night once a month where you have a bunch of toppings laid out for everyone to grab, and let your roomies create and name their very own pizzas.

Takis Fried Chicken

If you've been on TikTok or Insta recently, you may have seen this Takis fried chicken pop up on your feed. It's the latest viral trend that's delicious AF. You basically use crushed-up Takis to coat your chicken before you fry it for colorful dish with a kick.

Tuscan Salmon Butter Pasta

If you and your roomies have wanderlust on the reg, try this Tuscan salmon butter pasta recipe to feel like you're in Italy. Decorate your table so it looks like you're dining at a winery in Florence with fresh flowers and fancy wine glasses.

Tabletop Nachos

Another viral trend that you and your housemates should try is tabletop nachos. It's exactly what you'd think it is: nachos on the table. Be sure to document your tabletop nacho night in an Instagram Reel for everyone to see (and drool over) your take on this tasty trend.