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These IG Captions Are For College Collab House Pics With Your Roomies

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This semester of college is about to look very different from the last due to the ongoing pandemic. For many students, classes will be online via Zoom. And if you've hopped on the new trend, you're living in a college collab house. There, you and your friends will motivate each other throughout the semester and serve as roommates and classmates. These Instagram captions for college collab house pics will capture that unique fun, so you can look back on it for years to come.

The truth of the matter is, these collab houses are totally new. Although many colleges and universities offer off-campus housing options, these houses — which students rent together in trendy locations such as Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Hawaii, according to an Aug. 28, 2020 article by The New York Times — are far from the physical classrooms, libraries, or dining halls. It's a way for students to experience an away-from-home "college" setting with their friends.

Once there, it's an oasis with your best friends, working WiFi, and everything you could dream of for an unconventional year of school. If you're already set up in one of these collab houses, you might be scrolling through this article while chilling in a hammock, or posted up with your books in an adorable studio you'd love to always call home. Here are 30 IG captions to pair with whatever pictures you take in your new "dorm."

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1. "Now, this is what I call a group project."

2. "Ah, that college life."

3. "College can be wherever we want it to be."

4. "Excuse me, can we live here forever? Thanks."

5. "This house has everything I need, aka WiFi."

6. "Alright, who can guess where our college collab house is?"

7. "Spending this semester in a brand new city."

8. "When in doubt, rent a house."

9. "Living on West Coast time, attending school on East Coast time."

10. "Roommates who do college together, stay together."

11. "Well, this wasn't in my original Five Year Plan..."

12. "Has anyone seen my laptop charger?"

13. "I think we could spend an entire semester here."

14. "The greatest collaboration of all time."

15. "Rules of the college collab house: pay rent, go to class, have fun."

16. "Turning this kitchen table into our very own library."

17. "No meal points were required to score this dinner."

18. "This is the suite life of my college friends and I."

19. "All smiles because we're crushin' it this semester."

20. "Nothing but good vibes and coffee."

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21. "Welcome to my art studio. If you're looking for the library, please go down the hall."

22. "From classmates, to roommates, to family."

23. "Here's to a semester we'll never forget."

24. "You can't dorm with us."

25. "MTV, welcome to my new crib."

26. "Grabbed my best friends and got out of town."

27. "Campus, who?"

28. "New dorm, who this?"

29. "I think I'll make my own food this semester. The walk to the dining hall is kind of far."

30. "Collaborated with my best friends and decided to live here for the semester."