10 Clever Dating App Openers That Are So Much Better Than "Hey"
by Christy Piña

Anyone who’s used a dating app knows the feeling: You swipe on someone gorgeous, and all you hope to see is "It’s a match!" But without the perfect message in your inbox, all that excitement can go right down the drain. No one craves a message that reads, "Hey." There's nothing interesting in "Hey," is there? Skip the same, boring questions, and use these clever dating app openers to up your chances of a reply from your dream match.

I'm not saying, "Hey" won't get you a reply, but some of my closest friends who use dating apps religiously say they almost never reply if someone just sends that one word. It takes something a little more grabby to peak their interests. But just because my friends don't respond well to "Hey," doesn't mean that other people won't appreciate the simplicity and forwardness of it. Basically, it's an option, albeit not a great one.

If you do want to spice up your dating app openers, these 10 messages might just up your chances of a reply. And who knows? Maybe something will come out of your convo that you wouldn't have expected. And if something doesn't, at least you got to know someone a little better than you would've if you had just said, "Hey."

Tell me your life story in four emojis.

Emojis are a wonderful thing. Asking someone to describe their life story in emojis is a clever way to get to know a little bit about the person, without having to say, "Tell me about yourself."

On another note, does anyone else remember when emojis were on an app you had to download, add to your keyboards, and then use? Ah, what a time.

What’s the song you embarrassingly know all the lyrics to?

Everyone has that one song they're embarrassed to admit they know every single lyric to. Whether it's Aqua's "Barbie Girl," or Nickelback's "Rockstar," there's always one. What if both of you know every lyric to the same song? It could immediately give the two of you something to talk about. Or, if you loathe their embarrassing song, it could be something both of you laugh about!

What’s the worst opening line you’ve ever used? Or that someone has used on you?

Asking about a really bad pick-up line not only gives you an idea of what not to use on them, but it also gives you a glimpse into your match's cheesy side. It's a win-win.

If someone was dressing up as you, what would they wear?

While your match's dating profile may give you a look at what they think they look exceptionally attractive in, asking what someone would wear if they were dressing up as them shows you how their friends see them. Or maybe there's a funny memory from their past where they had to dress up as something silly, and then you get to learn about that. Either way, it would be a nice little ice breaker.

Two truths and a lie, go!

This is honestly one of my favorite games, especially when the person you play it with comes up with three really good things, all of which could be truths. Instead of starting off with, "Hey," sending "two truths and a lie" to someone can immediately start a really great conversation.

What's a better discovery? Netflix or avocados?

This is important, people!! Which one will your match choose? Chipotle or Taco Bell? McDonalds or Burger King? This kind of silly opener is likely to up your chances of a reply because it gives the person on the receiving end something really hard to think about.

What do your Sundays look like?

Starting with this opener cuts to the chase and gives you a look at how your match likes to spend their free time. Honestly, I try to fit in a little bit of everything into my Sundays: family time, mimosas, and Netflix. Whether you and your match spend your days off in similar ways or not, it's still interesting to see what they do when they're not at work or in school. And because you're starting an actual conversation, your chances of getting a reply might be better than if you just said, "Hey."

If it was your last day on earth, what would be your last meal?

If you're looking to date someone, finding out what their final meal would be can give you an idea of the kind of food they really like, which can help you come up with dates in the future. If you're not, a final meal is still a fun thing to know about someone, and bond over how you'd both squeeze as many sugary treats into one meal as possible.

I don’t normally contact people on this, but I find you incredibly intriguing.

If you want to play the more genuine card, and you really do feel nervous using a dating app, some users may appreciate your honestly. Plus, flattery never hurts. But because this line is very particular to one person, it's probably best not to use it on just anyone. Save it for the people who actually intrigue you.

If you had to choose a theme song for your life, what would it be?

How someone views their life is always incredibly interesting to me. If someone sent me this message out of nowhere, I'd be incredibly taken aback, because I'd just be expecting the same, "Hey," that I've gotten from every other match. The theme song that someone feels most exemplifies their life can give you a glimpse at their lives before you even learn their favorite color.

Next time you want to reach out to your match, instead of sending your typical message, try sending one of these openers. See if it leads to a more exciting conversation. If it doesn't, "Hey, how's it going?" will be there for you to fall back on. There's no permanency in trying something new. Enjoy it, my friends.

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