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10 Clever 'Animal Crossing' Flag Designs To Download For Kicks & Gigs

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If you were lucky to score a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the past couple of months, then you likely spend most days rearraging your island and making deals with other users who have the native fruit you need. Next to your to-do list, you have another list that is dedicated to things you want to do in the beloved game such as take down Tom Nook (Don't we all?) and switch out your flag. To check that item off, you need some clever Animal Crossing flag designs.

After all, your island is too special for you to settle with one of the basic designs or colors. Yes, they may match the gardens in front of your cute cottage perfectly or catch the eye of your favorite villagers. But, a clever flag that celebrates Guy Fieri, speaks to your real-life love for Disney, or sparkles like the night sky may make you the Animal Crossing champ of your friend group. When your besties come to visit your virtual space, they'll be in awe of what you've done in such little time and ask you ecstatic questions like, "Where did you find that flag? It's incredible!"

They'll take down notes on how you scoured the web for a QR code, and used the Nintendo Switch Online app to import the image into the video game. Then, they'll save some of these sweet and clever Animal Crossing flag designs for themselves, head to their NookPhone, and make the fun change for kicks and gigs.

This Adorable Tropical Island
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First things first: Set the tone for your island with this flag of, well, an adorable tropical island. It shows a sun setting over a palm tree and illuminating the sky in rainbow colors. It'll catch the eye of all your friends, favorite villagers, and even the scary ghosts that occasionally roam around your space.

This Dreamy Moon And Stars

For someone who loves studying the constellations, reading a horoscope in the morning, and knowing everything related to astrology, this dreamy moon and stars will make for a perfect Animal Crossing flag. It's pink and purple which will fit in with any decor that's "cute" themed. Be sure to download it and see how the universe thanks you in the game.

This Hilarious Kermit The Frog

If you're the person in your friend group who's always sending memes, then you need this hilarious Kermit the Frog flag. It'll speak to your fun-loving soul and encourage you to add more memes into your virtual home through wall art or T-shirts. It may even encourage you to say, "Howdy," to your visitors and villagers.

This Iconic Painting From SpongeBob SquarePants

Pop culture references are abundant in your life. That's why you need to download a flag that looks like an iconic painting from SpongeBob SquarePants right away. It'll remind you that there are tons of characters to love — not just the ones in Animal Crossing.

This Sweet Harry Styles Album Cover
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Let's be honest: You haven't stopped watching the music video for "Watermelon Sugar." That's OK, because the entire world is swooning over his latest album, which you can now make into a flag on Animal Crossing. This sweet Harry Styles album cover will send the message to all your villagers that you have good taste.

This Welcoming Mushroom

Do you also have Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? If you do, you may have recently crafted a mushroom tent that Beau loves to chill out at. Bring the good vibes to your Nintendo Switch with this welcoming mushroom. (It's way too cute to eat.)

This Electric Rainbow Wave

Whether you're new to Animal Crossing or have been playing since you were a kid, you know this game is colorful AF. Every flower you can plant or butterfly you can catch is a mix of the rainbow. This electric rainbow wave flag will keep your spirits high and your island beautiful.

This Twinkly Set Of Stars

Your villagers — for the most part — put stars in your eyes and your island's skies. With every shop they open or birthday they celebrate, your heart explodes a little bit. Celebrate how great they are with this twinkly set of stars that'll make for a special flag.

This Happy Picture Of Shrek
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Shrek fans, unite! This happy picture of Shrek will be the best thing to happen to your Animal Crossing island, except for an unexpected visit from Daisy Mae. It'll make you crack a smile every time you see it. What more could you ask for?

This Surprised Pikachu

Last but not least, download this surprised Pikachu flag for all the kicks and gigs. After all, it perfectly captures your reaction any time K.K. Slider puts on a show or Tom Nook says, "You've paid off your loan." That's really a moment for the books, and a flag to fly proudly.

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