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36 Captions For 'Animal Crossing' Pics & Showing Off Your Sweet Island

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Have you been spending entire afternoons befriending adorable animals and selling turnips? Do you talk about designing your island and crafting new furniture as if it's for your home IRL? If so, you're ready to show off your favorite video game and everything you've accomplished on it with these captions for Animal Crossing pictures. These captions are made to highlight your veggie omelette bar, harmonious garden, or the hilarious things your villagers say when they're visiting your virtual home.

Not to mention, they'll really put Tom Nook in his place and maybe make him realize that you should be freed of all your debts and loan payments. (I just want to move around the shops on my island and expand my cute camper with ease. Is that too much to ask?) They'll impress Isabelle who may be able to hook you up with some iron nuggets, or the friendly and rare villagers who you desperately want to move in. Compared to mean and rude ones that'll gladly steal your tree stump or make comments as if you won't do everything in your power to kick them out, villagers like Goldie, Max, Filbert, and Beau are total gems. You'd collect shells on the beach for them for hours.

Unfortunately, rearranging your island takes up most of your time, next to posting about your progress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or the phone version, aka Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on social media. That's where these 36 captions for Animal Crossing pics come in, though. They make it possible to post on social media about your island, and then get back to planting seeds, catching butterflies, and designing cottages.

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1. "BRB, playing 'Animal Crossing.'"

2. "Can we take a second to appreciate how cute my island is?"

3. "This post goes out to my villagers."

4. "You either love 'Animal Crossing,' or you're wrong."

5. "Relationship status: In love with Goldie."

6. "I've had a very productive day. I rearranged my entire campsite."

7. "Hanging out in the great outdoors."

8. "Is anyone selling turnips? Let me know."

9. "Kudos to me for supporting my animals' dreams."

10. "The sun is shining over here in Saltwater Shores."

11. "Living my 'Animal Crossing' dream."

12. "The joke's over. Where in the world are these iron nuggets?"

13. "Now accepting all the visitors on my island."

14. "Wanna have an 'Animal Crossing' date?"

15. "My garden is blooming and that's all that matters."

16. "Let's run around and catch butterflies together."

17. "I have a major announcement. Beau just moved in."

18. "Changed my island's flag and I'm incredibly proud of it."

19. "So, this is 'Animal Crossing'..."

20. "Showing Blathers my fossils and hoping for the best."

21. "Water my plants, please."

22. "In a perfect world, I'd have a million bells."

23. "Eating fortune cookies is my jam."

24. "But first, let me take a screenshot of my island."

25. "I always knew that island living was for me."

26. "Would rather be playing 'Animal Crossing.'"


27. "Picking up seashells by the seashore."

28. "Tom Nook, who?"

29. "Of course there's another fishey tourney going on."

30. "This ghost came out of nowhere."

31. "Breaking records every day by catching the biggest fish."

32. "'Animal Crossing' lovers, unite!"

33. "Trying my best to avoid the scorpions."

34. "Casually waiting for my items to finish crafting."

35. "If I don't respond to your text, assume I'm playing 'Animal Crossing.'"

36. "K.K. Slider is in the house."

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