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You Can Grow Food & Be Thrifty In New 'The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle' Pack

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You've probably been playing The Sims since you were in high school, so you know the ins and outs of the game. You know how to get the best layout for your character's home, and what venues are the most exciting and offer opportunities for your Sims to socialize, dance, or find a sweet love interest. You master every expansion pack that comes out, and plan on learning every new feature in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack that's coming out soon. It's all about going green, living sustainably, and changing your virtual world for the better.

Recycling, thrift shopping, and growing food in a garden in your backyard is already your jam. So, being able to do these things in a virtual setting is like a dream come true for you. You can imagine what you'll do to motivate your community of Sims, such as posting flyers in a nearby park, creating new techologies that'll save energy, or canvassing in your neighborhood. When you're hanging out at home after work IRL, you can picture yourself video chatting with your best friend and talking for hours about the various projects you're working on in the game.

With every tour through your solar panel-loving space and simulation of a green community, your BFF will likely fall more in love with The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle and what it has to offer. They may purchase the base game, check out these nifty features in the latest expansion pack, and even live more sustainably in their non-simulated life. Let's be hoenst, that would be a dream.

But, for now, let's get into this expansion pack that's made for loving on Mother Earth and all of the features you can expect, shall we? According to the official reveal trailer from Electronic Arts (EA), this pack lets users design and motivate a community toward sustainable habits and healthy living. The trailer starts out by showing a community that's ravished and struggling. Pollution, people who are sick, and trash are everywhere. It's clear that the town desperately needs some tender love and care — and some awareness about climate change and how certain practices can be doing tons of harm to our one and only planet.

Enter, you and your Sims. You get to raise that much-needed awareness and cause very important change in your virtual world. You get to be an activist in many ways, by educating your fellow Sims on reusable energy, wind turbines, and the restorative nature of planting seeds. In your free time, you get to go dumpster diving for materials that'll later become an accent piece in your home or a vintage-looking jacket in your closet. Oh, and a community workout sesh, vertical garden, or campaign to support the performing arts? You have the ability to start that, too.


By the time you've conquered this expansion pack, you'll have a created a fully functional and eco-friendly community that's worthy of showing off to your friends. You may have also learned new sustainable tips and tricks to upgrade your typical cooking, shopping, lounging, or traveling routines. It's not guaranteed, of course, but climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Jamie Margolin may have even given you a nice shoutout by the time you've harvested your produce or seen the Northern Lights with your other Sims Pals. (Am I dreaming too big with that one?)

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion pack comes out on June 5, 2020, and does require the base game in order to play. It'll be available to play on a Mac, PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation® 4, and can be pre-ordered up until that date for $39.99. Be sure to purchase both games so you can be so green in your video games, change a virtual world and your real world, too.