A happy woman smiles at her friend while holding a mason jar filled with lemonade.
10 Of The Best Lemonade Recipes For A Pitcher-Perfect Backyard Insta

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When you think of summertime drinks, lemonade might be the first to come to mind. It's the right amount of delicious and refreshing to keep you cool on extra warm days, so it's good to have some of the best lemonade recipes on YouTube on hand. Just like there are so many different flavors of lemonade, there are also so many different occasions to enjoy a glass or two, so it's time to start mixing.

You can make some romantic rose lemonade for date night at home with your significant other, or put together a pitcher full of blueberry lemonade for a backyard hangout with your roomies. Enjoy watermelon lemonade while listening to your favorite songs of the summer, and peach lemonade while floating in your pool on an oversized inflatable.

Some of these lemonade recipes are just as vibrant and colorful as they are delicious, so you'll want to take a ton of sipping selfies for Instagram. Put your lemonade in a mason jar to give it a rustic chic look, and don't forget to garnish the glass with a cute lemon slice. There are so many recipes to try and so little summer days left to enjoy, so squeeze the day and start making some lemonade.

This Traditional Homemade Lemonade Recipe Is A Sweet Sip To Start

This traditional lemonade recipe is a sweet place to start. This tutorial covers the basics of what you need to get that refreshing OG lemonade taste you know and love. All you need are some lemons, sugar, and water — that's it!

This Sparkling Rose Lemonade Was Meant For Date Night

For something extra romantic, try this sparkling rose lemonade. It's made with homemade rose water, which you can enjoy on its own. This specific recipe was inspired by Beauty and the Beast, so it's perfect for your date night at home with your SO. Enjoy a nice candlelit dinner with rose lemonade before cuddling close on the couch and watching Beauty and the Beast on Disney+.

This Watermelon Lemonade Is The Ultimate Summer Vibe

If you've been listening to "Watermelon Sugar" by Harry Styles on repeat, you'll definitely love this watermelon lemonade recipe. This drink is peak summer vibes, and it's perfect for hanging out in the backyard or enjoying a picnic in the park. You can even enjoy your watermelon lemonade in a watermelon mason jar from Etsy.

This Honey Cayenne Lemonade Will Give Your Tastebuds A Little Kick

This tutorial actually has five different lemonade recipes you can try, such as orange and thyme lemonade and peach basil. They look delicious, but if you want to try something especially different, try the honey cayenne lemonade. It has a sweet and spicy taste that's sure to give you a little kick with every sip.

This Peach Lemonade Will Have You Feeling Peachy For Pics

You'll really a-peach-iate this peach lemonade recipe. After you and your roomies go peach picking or grab some at the store, you can use your peaches to prepare fresh, thirst-quenching lemonade. This will go perfectly with some peach cobbler for dessert.

This Sparkling Pink Lemonade Is Truly Insta-Worthy

Pink lemonade is a classic, and this particular recipe takes it up a notch. Not only does this recipe feature fresh raspberry syrup and lemon slices, but it shows you how to properly line your glass with a pink sugar rim. That way, you'll have the most Insta-worthy drink for all your sipping selfies by the pool.

This Mint Lemonade Is An Extra Refreshing Sip

On extra warm days, you thirst for a drink that keeps you cool. Out of all the different flavors to try, mint is especially refreshing. This delicious mint lemonade is great for hanging out on your porch and watching the sunset. For a "New Orleans Square at Disneyland" kind of feel, enjoy some homemade Mickey-shaped beignets with your mint lemonade.

This Hibiscus Lemonade Is A Floral Treat

For the right blend of floral and fruity, serve up this hibiscus lemonade that's prepared with Tazo hibiscus tea. Pour your lemonade into mason jars and use vibrant reusable straws for some pitcher-perfect content for the 'Gram. Add some lemonade captions to your snaps like, "You can't sip with us."

This Blueberry Lemonade Is A Backyard Hangout Kind Of Mood

There is so much fun to be had in your backyard with your roomies. Summertime calls for lounging on pool inflatables, playing nostalgic games, and frolicking in sprinklers. In between all the fun in the sun, enjoy a glass of blueberry lemonade. Serve a whole batch in a cute pink pitcher that matches the pink color of your drink.

This Iced Coffee Lemonade Will Kickstart Your Day

Now, you might be thinking lemonade and coffee is an interesting combo, but it's actually a refreshing alternative to your usual morning brew. Enjoy this Starbucks lemonade iced coffee recipe whenever you're looking for a taste of summer first thing in the morning.