These Refreshing Iced Tea Cocktails Will Elevate Your Backyard Tea Party

Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

Before the summer slips by, take advantage of the beautiful weather by enjoying some iced tea in your backyard. A tall glass of iced tea is one of the most refreshing ways to cool off on a warm day, and if you're 21 or up, it might be time to try a few iced tea cocktail recipes on YouTube. Elevate your go-to summertime drink with a little whiskey or vodka and an Instagram-worthy garnish (or two).

It could be fun to plan a little backyard tea party with your roomies. Serve some homemade scones and finger sandwiches alongside your boozy iced tea. Dress up in your fave floral lewk and snap some sipping selfies, drinking from mason jars. Don't forget to use some tea puns to caption your pics, like, "Spending quali-tea time with my best teas." You could also enjoy iced tea cocktails with your partner on your back porch at sunset for a sweet ending to date night.

Let's be honest: You could drink sweet tea all day, every day. So, the next time you go to brew some at home, just follow along with any of these eight iced tea cocktail recipes to make something truly tea-riffic.

Spiked Iced Tea Punch

Summer was made for having backyard barbecues. Along with your hot dogs, coleslaw, and fresh watermelon slices, put out this spiked iced tea punch for your fam to enjoy. This cocktail is a mix of black tea, orange slices, mint, brown sugar, whiskey, and orange, lemon, and pineapple juices. Serve your punch in a cute beverage dispenser (, $13) with a punny name card like "par-tea punch."

Peach Whiskey Iced Tea

If you're a sweet tea lover, you'll really a-peach-iate this peach whiskey iced tea recipe. You can use fresh peaches you got from your peach picking adventure. Don't forget to use some peach puns for your drink Instas like, "You've got a peach of my heart."

Apéro Spritz Tea Cocktail

Looking for something light and refreshing? Well, you'll love these Aperol Spritz-inspired cocktails. These recipes utilize the Apéro Spritz tea from DAVIDsTEA, but you can also use other spritz-inspired loose leaf tea you have at home.

Hennessy Thai Tea

Attention all boba lovers: You'll definitely want to try this boozy Thai tea recipe. Mix together your tea with some Rumchata and Hennessy to create this cocktail. You can even soak your tapioca pearls into the Hennessy to give your drink an extra kick. To enjoy, make sure you have some reusable bubble tea straws at home.

Spiked Arnold Palmer Cocktail

Arnold Palmers are seriously refreshing in the summertime. They're basically two of your favorite summery drinks — lemonade and iced tea — blended together. That's why this spiked Arnold Palmer recipe just might be your go-to on extra warm days. It's the perfect drink to enjoy while you're lounging in a hammock in your backyard, or catching up on your summer reading on a picnic blanket.

Bulleit Iced Tea

Possibly one of the easiest recipes to follow along with is this tasty Bulleit Iced Tea one. All you have to do is add Bulleit Bourbon to your go-to sweet tea recipe: black tea, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Since lemon and iced tea are really the perfect pairing, serve some fresh lemon bars to enjoy with your cocktails.

Terrace Swizzle

Put your green tea to good use by making this Terrace Swizzle cocktail. Along with the green tea, this drink contains rum, apricot liqueur, and lime. Continue with the green theme and garnish your cocktail with some lime and mint for an extra colorful Insta pic.

Mint Tea Julep

A mint julep is such a refreshing cocktail, so you'll love this tea version that mixes mint tea and bourbon together. This is perfect for Disney lovers who are wishing they were at the Mint Julep Bar sippin' mint juleps and eating Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets. Until you can be back at the Magic Kingdom, turn your backyard into your very own New Orleans Square and enjoy mint tea juleps and homemade beignets.