A happy woman relaxes outside on her porch with a bubble tea.
These Bubble Tea Kits On Etsy Were Made For Cozy, Quali-Tea Time At Home


Whether you're running errands or spending time with your people on the weekends, making a pitstop for bubble tea is always a refreshing treat. Though, with all of the bubble tea kits on Etsy, you don't even need to leave home in order to enjoy this favorite, sweet sip. Leave it to Etsy to always have exactly what you're looking for. This trendy website sells friendship bracelet kits for people who like to craft and wall collage kits to update your space, and now, they have DIY bubble tea kits for all the foodies and sweets lovers out there.

Each one of these bubble tea kits on Etsy features the essential ingredients like tapioca pearls, flavored tea, and even reusable straws. All you need to do in order to narrow down your choices is decide on what flavor tea you're in the mood for. You could go with a tasty black tea or something more vibrant for your Insta feed like a taro tea. Then, get yourself a cute cup, which you can also find on Etsy.

With your drink in hand, you'll be ready for sipping selfies, showing off the tea you make. If you're enjoying your bubble tea with your BFF, don't forget to use a punny caption like, "Drinking with my best tea," or, "Spending some quali-tea time together."

This Taiwanese-Style Bubble Tea Kit

To make and enjoy classic bubble tea at home, you might want to grab this Taiwanese (Original) Style kit. Along with the tapioca pearls and two stainless steal straws, you get your choice of three different tea flavors: original black tea, jasmine green, or dark roast oolong made in Taiwan.

This Premium DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Sending your bestie who loves bubble tea a birthday gift, or something sweet, just because? Well, this premium bubble tea kit is totally the way to go. Along with all the necessary ingredients, you have your choice of either a stainless steel or glass reusable straws that your friend can use time and time again for their bubble tea.

This DIY Kit With Straws Included

This DIY bubble tea kit includes Royal Milk loose leaf tea, tapioca pearls, and two reusable straws. That means, it's absolutely perfect for making boba for date night at home with your SO. Enjoy your refreshing tea on your porch while watching the sunset. Does date night get any sweeter than that?

This Personalized Bubble Tea Kit

One of the greatest things about Etsy is a lot of their products can be personalized, like this bubble tea kit. If you're gifting it to your tea-loving best friend, you can get it customized with their name written in script on the packaging. There's even an option for a holiday-themed kit that comes with a candy cane, and a Valentine's Day kit that comes with chocolate hearts.

This Bubble Tea Kit That's Extra Refreshing

When it's extremely hot outside, there's nothing better than sipping an iced cold tea from a mason jar. Turn your backyard into your very own oasis with a cozy deckchair, the right sunnies, and a glass of bubble tea made using the ingredients in this kit. Not only does this kit come with tapioca, tea, and straws, but it also comes with a lifetime email support, which is great if you have any tea-related questions.

This Brown Sugar DIY Kit

If your favorite bubble tea flavor is brown sugar, you'll want to get your hands on this kit that includes brown sugar syrup, black tea bags, tapioca pearls, and a recipe guide. If you're sending this as a gift, you can even request a handwritten card to go with your purchase.

This Bubble Tea Kit Features A Variety Of Flavors

Try a bunch of different tea flavors with this awesome Bobalife kit. The traditional selection comes with taro, Taiwanese milk, lychee, and matcha flavors. Though, you can also get the milk selection or fruit flavor boxes from Bobalife, depending on what you're looking for.

This Classic Milk Tea Kit

If you're having a difficult time choosing a flavor (which is a real struggle), consider going with milk tea. It's light, refreshing, and makes for some cool Boomerangs when you mix the tea and milk together. This kit comes with black tea bags, jasmine green tea bags, Earl Grey tea bags, tapioca pearls, and non-dairy creamer.