A young Black woman smiles and holds a wedding planner book with her boyfriend.
10 Wedding Planner Books On Etsy That Are Ultimate Sidekicks For Brides-To-Be

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Every love story is a little bit different. But if your partner just asked you to marry them, then you're likely in the stage of daydreaming about your wedding day. Your thoughts and ideas for your cocktail hour, photographer, bouquet, and venue are much more real now, and you need a spot to organize your plans. How about one of these wedding planner books on Etsy that'll help you tie the knot with ease?

Some come with sheets you can fill out so you never lose track of a huge appointment, or a kitchen item you saw in the store that you want to add to your registry. Others have stunning covers you can personalize with a date — say, your wedding or engagement date — or artsy graphics that'll get you so excited to eventually walk down the aisle, recite your vows to your partner, and say, "I do." Whichever one you choose will surely help you create the wedding of your dreams and ensure no detail is left behind in the beautiful chaos.

Having one of these 10 wedding planner books from Etsy will ensure you have your seating chart, signature drinks, and sparkler-lined exit figured out before your big day. They'll be a one stop shop for your menu, bridal shower, and mood board, too. Long story short: They're a must for every bride-to-be who's entering the next chapter of their love story.

This Tiny Book Is Packed With Love

First up is this wedding planner book that's so tiny, yet packed with love and places for you to jot down your ideas. It comes in a beautiful mint color (that may match your bridesmaids' looks) and can be personalized at an additional cost. Pick it up if you don't know where to start in your planning process, and could use some Monica Geller-like guidance.

This Book Is A Celebration Of Family

Planning a wedding is a team effort, and you and your partner's families have likely already offered to help you find catering or a venue that'll look stunning in pictures. This notebook, which can be used as wedding planner book, celebrates the amazing family you're surrounded with. It's a sweet reminder that your wedding day is only the beginning of a happy journey.

This Book Knows Your Wedding Is A Big Deal

Your wedding day is a big deal, and this notebook knows it. It's filled with lined pages so you can use it however you so please. Maybe you want to tape pictures of dresses inside, or jot down to-do lists for your maid of honor and best man who are helping you plan the cocktail hour. Its pages are ready to hold it all.

This Book Makes Planning A Luxe Experience

When you think about your dream wedding, is there glitz and glitter involved? Do you imagine an elegant chandelier or grand staircase at the entry of the venue? If so, then this book might be the perfect planner for you. It makes planning into a luxe experience with a light grey and rose gold cover, and pages where you can tape in gorgeous printed pictures from your Pinterest boards.

This Book Is A Glimpse Into Your Bouquet

When it comes to flowers on your wedding day, your vision may be, "The more the merrier." You'd love to see the aisles lined with roses or peonies, and look down at your bouquet to wildflowers and daises. That's why this notebook will be a good fit for you. It'll remind you of the bliss to come, and to stop and smell the roses no matter how chaotic planning may get.

This Book Is Made For The Future Wifeys

You're the bride-to-be, and it's only right that you let everyone know it. Of course, you could pull a Monica Geller and shout it from the roof of your apartment building. Or you could pick up this notebook with a gorgeous illustration on the front and let everyone know that you're about to get married to the love of your life.

This Book Holds Your Little Notes And Reminders

For the bride-to-be who's really on top of wedding planning, a notebook for holding little notes about your big day may be all you need. Enter, this notebook that's sweet, simple, and totally fits the vibe of a wedding with a rustic theme. Use it for jotting down last-minute notes and reminders.

This Book Is Organized AF

Whether you're typically an organized person, or could use a little assistance in that department, this book will make planning a breeze. It has sections and tabs, so you can easily flip through your wedding plans and see what still needs to be done. Some of these tabs include your bachelorette party, vows, and your honeymoon.

This Book Has Been Touched By The Stars

The universe worked hard to bring you and your loving partner together. It knew you were soulmates and made sure that you fell in love and would spend forever in each other's arms. This celestial book will speak to the wonder that is your love story, and your astrology-loving soul.

This Book Is Bright And Bold, Like You

Dear, bride-to-be. You're bright and bold, and that's probably what attracted your partner to you. Don't let your personality be dimmed, ever, and purchase this journal with an illustration of a woman holding a bouquet of peonies. Let it lift you up and bring endless love and light into your life. This is a dreamy, new chapter of your love story, and having those good vibes by your side is essential.