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10 Little, Sweet Gestures To Do For Your Bestie On Their Canceled Wedding Date

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Although your best friend may have postponed saying "I do" due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, love is, without a doubt, not canceled. The story of your favorite couple is just getting a few unexpected chapters, which means you have the opportunity to shower your BFF with extra gestures that'll make them smile. Of course, you may need help when it comes to appropriately navigating the situation, and finding some ideas for sweet things to do for your friend who postponed their wedding.

Consider this your complete guide to purchasing a thoughtful gift and putting it together in a special, lovey-dovey way. Each idea will come with tips on how to wrap it, notes to tuck into it, or items to include with it so that the gift feels like a total experience. Some ideas will include treats like cake, cookies, and ice cream that your friend can enjoy with their SO, and others may hint at inside jokes or the wedding gifts you got them but are currently safely keeping at home.

Eventually, when it's safe to do so, your best friend and the love of their life will stand in front of their loved ones and say, "I do." For now, though a sweet little something will make them feel special and remind them that love can conquer all.

Send Them A Delicious Cake
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On your friend's *actual* wedding day, you're going to be like the cake — in tiers. You'll be thinking about how you grew up together and the day the couple went on their very first date. Rehearse those sweet emotions and send your BFF and their SO a cake on their wedding date. Include a clever note with it that says something like, "Cake it easy. We're going to celebrate soon," so they know you're thinking about them and the fun to come.

Create An At-Home Dinner Date Kit

Just because your best friend and their SO aren't having a big reception right now, that doesn't mean they can't have a cute date night at home. Give them the items they need to spice things up in their kitchen, including dinner essentials from Our Place, a bottle of wine or champagne, and all the ingredients to make their favorite dish. They'll cherish this romantic experience.

Host A Social Distance Bonfire In Your Backyard

If the weather's nice and you feel comfortable with doing so, consider taking the reigns on your friend's "I do" date and host a social distance bonfire in your backyard. Give them a place to be with the ones they love and surround them with good company. Be sure to stay six feet apart and put on your masks.

Top Off Their Wine Collection

Your BFF probably spent hours picking out specialty drinks and wine for their wedding reception. So, on their wedding date, bring the grape times to them and top off their at-home collection. Purchase and send the bottles they picked out, or a few you know they love. Add a heartfelt card, a pack of glasses, and some fresh cheddar cheese.

Pick A Fresh Bouquet Of Flowers
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If you have a garden at home, use it to show your best bud that you're thinking of them on their would-be wedding day. Pick a bunch of budding flowers instead of sending a pre-made bouquet, and deliver it to their doorstep. It'll be extremely special since the flowers came from your personal garden, and will give your BFF something bright to look at on the daily.

Treat Them To A Staycation

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that you don't need to go far to feel like you're on a vacation. With a kiddie pool, a few cocktail recipes, and sunshine, you can have the chill days of your dreams. Treat your BFF and their SO to a staycation in their own backyard by setting up a pool, floats, drinks, snacks, and even a speaker for them to enjoy. (Pro tip: You can get cute kiddie pools, including a heart-shaped one, from FUNBOY.)

Leave A Bunch Of Games At Their Door

Does your BFF and their SO consider themselves gamers? Did they frequently host game nights before the pandemic began? If you can confidently say "yes," then leave a bunch of games — some board, some video — at their doorsteps and give them a night of fun. Odds are, they'll be laughing all night and loving how they spent their would-be wedding day.

Organize A Virtual Champagne Toast

Zoom and FaceTime have made getting together with people you love and care about so much easier right now. You should take advantage of the features by organizing a virtual meet-up and toast with the couple's closest friends and family. Tell the group to bring their own champagne as well as a story about the couple, and give them a link to join and time.

Frame One Of Their Engagement Photos
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The couple you love has some extra time now to enjoy being engaged. That's worth celebrating, because it's such a unique and lovely part of their relationship. Celebrate it and them by framing one of their engagement photos or another picture of them that you love. Then, remind them that the next chapter's on its way.

Write A Thoughtful Text Message

At the end of the day, it's really the thought that counts. If you want to purchase a gift for your BFF for their would-be wedding day, you can. But, you can also write out a thoughtful message that'll make them smile and feel so loved. You can reference the memories you've already made together, and send pictures of those good times. Just be sure to end it on a happy, loving, and oh-so hopeful note.

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