26 Captions For Lemonade & Hanging Out With Your Main Squeezes This Summer

When life gives you lemons, you're supposed to make lemonade. You're supposed to find a big, colorful pitcher and some sugar that's sitting in one of your kitchen cabinets. A wooden spoon and ice is also considered #necessary, along with anything you want to add to your drink, like fruit or some springs of mint. Then, you make lemonade! You turn on Beyoncé's iconic album, Lemonade, and stir all the ingredients together. You take a few sips, and dream about your next Instagram post — because what they don't tell you about is the side note at the the bottom of the recipe: "Gather up some captions for lemonade for when you're enjoying this with your main squeezes this summer!"

It's a good thing I'm here to give you that sweet scoop, huh? I'd say! But, before we get into all the captions you can, and should, pick for your post, let's talk about what you're going to do this summer. By now, I hope that you already have a few plans in the books. I hope you're going on an adventure on the West Coast with your besties, and heading to the beach on the Fourth of July. I hope you're picking a date for your annual barbecue, and filling your online shopping carts with essentials like bathings suits, beach bags, and the best presets for summer.

Last but not least, I hope you're clearing your schedule for lots of nothing, because summer is the time when you're supposed to kick back, relax, feel rejuvenated, and sip a cool glass of lemonade. It's also the time that you can make the most of these 26 captions and endlessly hang out with your main squeezes.

Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

1. "Squeeze the day."

2. "When life gives you lemons, be Yoncé."

3. "Every hour deserves to be happy."

4. "Lemonade on duty."

5. "Easy peasy lemon squeezy."

6. "Live life in warm yellows."

7. "How lovely yellow is." — Vincent van Gogh

8. "Keep it sweet like lemonade."

9. "My blood type is coconut oil and lemonade."

10. "Don't be a bummer, enjoy the summer."

Marija Savic/Stocksy

11. "Everything is fine when there is lemonade and sunshine."

12. "Paradise is anywhere with lemonade."

13. "Lemonade lover since birth."

14. "A glass of lemonade a day keeps the worries away."

15. "In a summer state of mind."

16. "Girls just wanna have more lemonade."

17. "Find me wherever the lemonade stands are."

18. "As cool as a couple of glasses of lemonade."

19. "BRB: Getting more lemonade."

20. "You can't sip with us."

Dylan M Howell Photography/Stocksy

21. "Lime yours."

22. "Just peachy lemonade."

23. "*Sips lemonade instead of tea.*"

24. "The ocean is salty, but my lemonade is sweet."

25. "Sweeter than honey."

26. "Sweet dreams are made of lemonade."

Did you find at least one caption that'll fit your feed and social media style? Sweet! Now you just have to hit the "share" button and go make some memories in the sunshine. I know you'll want to check your phone every time you get a like or comment from one of your bestie's saying, "Oh my god, love!"

But try and resist, OK? Instead, soak up the good vibes, the good tunes, and every sip of your lemonade. You won't regret it. Pinky promise.