10 Best Christmas Week Plans If You're Off & Have No Clue What To Do

The presents, festive decor, hot cocoa by the fire, and spending quality time with your family are all wonderful parts about the holiday season, but there's nothing better than having an entire week off for Christmas. It's prime time to cram as many holiday traditions as you can into your schedule. That's why I came up with the best Christmas week plans if you're off and need some inspiration.

There's nothing better than putting your "out of office" email on, and clocking out for a full week of holiday fun. Of course, you want to spend time with your family, as well as taking advantage of the slopes if it's snowing. You're also planning on playing catch-up with the hometown crew, and it wouldn't be Christmas without a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies to decorate.

If you live by the #bestlife motto, you probably have a to-do list that's as long as Santa's. Though, if you truly want to have the most epic week ever, you need to add these 10 activities to your calendar ASAP. You're off, you're totally free, and the holidays are calling. I'm raising a glass of eggnog to you, and hoping you have a very merry Christmas.

1. Get Together With Friends For A White Elephant Grab Bag


If you're heading back home for the holidays, you likely want to make time to catch up with friends. Of course, you could always meet up at your favorite coffee shop. However, the more festive choice is to throw a white elephant gift exchange party.

Not only is it super fun to see what gifts everyone shows up with, but it's an easy way for you all to save money by not having to buy gifts for everyone in the squad.

2. Add The Finishing Touches To Your Christmas Tree


Every year when I go home for the holidays, my mom always leaves a few special ornaments for me to hang on the tree. Make it a holiday tradition to find a new ornament to hang before Christmas when you return home, or deck your bedroom out in fairy lights and sparkly bows.

3. Watch Christmas Movies While You Finishing Wrapping Presents


No matter how prepared you are, there always seems to be last-minute wrapping to be done, so turn it into a fun event. Pull out all the supplies — wrapping paper, bows, and tape. Put on a classic Christmas movie, or my favorite, Hallmark Channel rom-com, to watch as you wrap your remaining gifts. This can be a fun family night in!

4. Drive Around Town To Scope Out All The Christmas Lights


I love getting in the car with my mom and driving through different neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights. There's something about a festive (and cozy) house that gets me in the mood for the holiday season. Don't forget to fill up your travel mug with hot chocolate, and get those Christmas tunes ready to sleigh.

5. Have A Cookie Baking Party


It wouldn't be Christmastime without sugar cookies. You've probably been eyeing several delicious holiday cookie recipes on Pinterest that you really want to try. Well, now is the time. Get a baking party together with your besties or family, and make every single cookie recipe you've been dreaming of. I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

6. Sleep In Every Single Day


You have the week off, so sleep in! You deserve to treat yourself to snuggling in bed as visions of sugar plums dance around in your head. You might even want to invest in a pair of cozy pajamas (and matching ones for your pup), just for Christmas week snoozing.

7. Stroll Through A Winter Wonderland


If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, take advantage of the (hopefully) snowy weather outside by taking a stroll in the snow. Bring along bae for the dreamiest date, or go exploring with your best friends. No matter who's with you, you know there needs to be at least one snow angel made, tons of snowball fights, and a cute pic with your very own Frosty the Snowman creation.

8. Have A Cozy Night In With An Eggnog Drink


It's cold AF outside, and you're allowed to be lazy on your week off, so spend as many nights as you can getting cozy at home. If you have a fireplace, build a blanket oasis next to it. Then, mix up hot cocoa or spiked eggnog (if you're 21 or over).

9. Make The Ultimate Holiday Playlist


The minute Thanksgiving is over, I'm listening to Christmas music non-stop. I have my own Spotify playlist filled with Mariah Carey, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and Hanson Christmas songs.

Make your own holiday playlist and play it every day leading up to Christmas. Turn up the volume, and rock around the Christmas tree like no one's watching.

10. Have A Christmas Sweater Photo Shoot

Rachel Chapman

I'm a Christmas sweater fan. OK, fine — I'm a huge Christmas sweater fan. I also don't call them "ugly," because I think they're all beautiful. If you love Christmas sweaters just as much as I do, then you probably want to show yours off on Instagram — so have a festive photo shoot. Get ready to strike your best pose in front of the Christmas tree.