Try these Zoom Halloween costume ideas for a last-minute 'fit.

These Last-Minute Zoom Halloween Costumes Include The Infamous “Lawyer Cat”

“I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”

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Zoom calls have become a mainstay, whether it be a work or school meeting or virtual happy hour — but all those video chats come with their fair share of awkward moments. If you haven't decided on a costume for Halloween yet, why not make light of the daily grind with one of these last-minute Zoom Halloween costume ideas? These video chat-inspired getups are sure to make everyone laugh, and they're so easy to put together.

Since Zoom skyrocketed in popularity, virtual meetings, hangouts, and more have become a part of your routine. Whether you’re a fan of video chatting or not, there are plenty of funny moments that regularly pop up on a Zoom call. From forgetting to mute yourself (or frantically trying to un-mute yourself) to awkwardly smiling when you’re the last person left on the call with the host, there are so many opportunities to make light of those uncomfortable moments.

To turn hilarious Zoom mishaps into a clever costume, you won't need much besides yourself and a few props. Any of these costumes can be personalized using items you already own or put together using a few low-cost purchases. Check out these ideas that you can recreate for an easy Zoom Halloween costume, even if you’re waiting until the last minute.

1. Last Person On The Zoom Call

You've probably experienced the awkward moment when you’re the last person in the meeting. You know, when you keep smiling and waving, and quickly try to hit the "Leave Meeting" button?

To turn that awk moment into a clutch costume, you can use a shirt that says "Leave Meeting," and all you need to do is wave and plaster on an uncomfortable smile.

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2. The Serial Virtual Background User

While virtual backgrounds make the meetings fun, using one every meeting might make it seem like you're blending into the picture. If you like the idea of creating a funny virtual background costume, try a background you use a lot.

There are endless possibilities. If you've been using a Schitt’s Creek backdrop, consider dressing up like Alexis Rose and making a cardboard background sign of the Rosebud Motel to carry around.

For an “A Little Bit Alexis” vibe, sport a velvety dress like the one she wore for her Cabaret audition:

Or, go with a classic Alexis boho look:

3. Snapchat Lens Fails

Like the infamous "potato boss" who couldn't turn off her potato-face Snapchat filter, you can make your own Snapchat Lens costume and act like you can't get the setting turned off during your meeting. You can also make a sign that says "How do I turn this filter off?"

Feline fails more your speed? Pay homage to Texas lawyer Rod Ponton who accidentally Zoomed with a virtual kitten filter in February 2021 as he presented a case in Texas' 394th District Court. Just remember to keep saying, “I’m here live, I’m not a cat.”

You can even add a mask:

Of course, you can order a potato costume, too.

4. Can't Turn Off The Mute Button

Sometimes you're trying to talk and you don't realize your mute button is on. Then, when you try to turn it off, the setting is stuck.

If you’ve been in this mime-like situation, make a costume with a shirt that says "You're on mute." Then during the festivities, you can mime your speech all night, pretending you're trying to respond, but no sound is on.

5. Forgot To Mute Yourself

While not being able to easily turn on your mic is pretty awful, it's sometimes worse if you aren't able to mute yourself. Maybe you've had loud roommates partying in the background, a dog or cat that won't stop misbehaving, or you just don't want the video to flash to you if you laugh too loud.

Whatever the reason, you can use it as inspo for your costume. Wear a shirt with the mute icon and periodically say something awkward to distract from the conversation, and you’re set.

6. Your Zoom Athleisure

If you use Zoom for work or school, you've likely opted for a super professional shirt on top and your comfiest sweatpants with mismatched cozy socks. If you’re still avoiding real pants, you’re probably not alone — and you can use it as inspo for the comfiest Halloween costume.

To create this Zoom Halloween costume, you can don some comical boxer shorts or sweatpants and a professional top. Then, walk around in your mismatched uniform all night.

7. Virtual Paint Night Costume

TBH, if you haven’t participated in a virtual paint night on Zoom, then are you even using video call? Among the virtual activities that emerged from the influx of virtual hangouts was a virtual sip and paint theme, which in theory sounds fun, but can definitely become embarrassing if you have trouble with your paint or your connection. Although you might feel like the virtual Bob Ross, you probably aren’t.

It’s easy to pull off a virtual paint night Zoom costume for Halloween. All you need is a painting costume, or an artist costume and a poorly painted poster board:

8. When You Can’t Zoom Without Your Dog Or Cat

Pretty much anyone with a pet knows Zoom meetings for work are almost always sabotaged by a meowing cat or a barking dog. Cat owners especially have had to deal with their furballs climbing onto their keyboards, exiting out of meetings, or blocking their computer screens as they ask for attention.

It’s easy to make a pet Zoom fail a Halloween costume. All you need is a prop computer keyboard or laptop and a stuffed dog or cat toy. You can choose to mime with the toys all night or glue them to the fake keyboard or even a mouse.

With so many funny options to choose from, the hardest part will be picking which Zoom fail you want to rep on Halloween.

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