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Will Starbucks have a Triple Star Day in 2022?

Will Starbucks Have A Triple Star Day In 2022? Here’s The Deal

A fan-favorite Star Days offer was missing.

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ICYMI, Starbucks’ Star Days promo made its grand return on Oct. 17 and ran through Oct. 23, but it looked different than it did in the past. Straying from the OG offers (including Triple Star Day) that gave you Bonus Stars for certain purchases, the new Star Days centered on a Million Stars Giveaway and Star Arcade games. There were still plenty of chances to rack up freebies and Stars during the weeklong promo, but it was a little confusing. Since the event came and went without a fan-fave offer, you might be wondering if Starbucks will have a Triple Star Day in 2022. It’s unclear whether Triple Star Day’s absence from this year’s Star Days means it’s gone for good, but here’s what the coffee chain had to say about it.

Starbucks introduced Triple Star Day in October 2020, and it was part of a the chain’s National Coffee Day deals. Basically, all you had to do to earn three times the Stars on your purchase was pay with your Starbucks Rewards payment method and boom, you got triple Stars. It was a one-day deal on Oct. 1, 2020 — and the company brought it back for the 2021 Star Days event. If you were paying attention last year, Triple Star Day 2021 fell on Thursday, Oct. 21, but Star Days 2022 had no Triple Star Day in sight.

“This year, Star Days consist[ed] of weeklong offers including the Million Stars Giveaway and the Star Days Arcade. There [was] no Triple Star Day offered as part of Star Days this year,” a Starbucks spokesperson told Elite Daily in an email.

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Starbucks loyalists know you can earn 2 Stars per $1 on a purchase when you preload and pay with a Starbucks card or 1 Star per $1 when you scan your Rewards and pay separately, or pay with a saved payment in the app. That’s all great, but the rare opportunity to earn 3 Stars per $1 is one you don’t want to miss. According to the Starbucks rep, “special offers like Triple Star Day are just one of many benefits to being a member of the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.”

Sadly, it’s unclear when or if there will be a Triple Star Day in 2022 after it didn’t come back with Star Days, but you should keep your eyes peeled, just in case. “We recommend that Starbucks Rewards members download the Starbucks app or opt in to receive promotional emails from Starbucks to learn about and receive these special offers,” the Starbucks rep said.

One special offer you may can likely look forward to is the return of the Starbucks For Life game, which usually comes back around the holidays — and fingers crossed on a possible Triple Star Day, too.

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