Starbucks red cup day 2022 is on Nov. 17

When Is Starbucks’ Red Cup Day 2022? Get Your Free Cup So Soon

I can’t wait to use it all season long.

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Starbucks’ lineup of holiday drinks has been out for a couple weeks, but even with a Peppermint Mocha in hand, you may have been growing restless for one of your favorite holiday traditions: red cup day at Starbucks. It takes giving season to the next level with a nationwide giveaway that only comes once a year. Even though the holiday menu hit stores on Nov. 3, the coffee giant hadn’t shared any info on the event, which left many people wondering: When is red cup day at Starbucks in 2022? Well, all the questions were answered when Starbucks announced the big day on Nov. 16, and it’s coming so soon.

While many fans usually expect the red cup giveaway to go down as soon Starbucks ushers in the holidays, that’s not always how it works. You might remember last year’s red cup day didn’t coincide with the launch of Starbucks’ 2021 winter menu — the seasonal sips hit stores on Nov. 4, but the free cup giveaway didn’t take place until Nov. 18. The switch to staggering the releases seems to be staying, because the company didn’t mention anything about red cup day in its holiday releases earlier in the month.

In line with last year, Starbucks red cup day for 2022 will be two weeks after the holiday menu drop — on Thursday, Nov. 17.

The new free red cup is definitely a must-get for collectors, since it’s designed to celebrate 25 years of Starbucks holiday red cups. On the reusable, 50% recycled red cup with white lid, you’ll see white ornament designs and the Starbucks logo on the front and a message on the back that reads: “25 years of holiday cup cheer. Thankful to celebrate each season with you.”


In case you’re not familiar with the one-day Starbucks event, red cup day is when the coffee chain gives away a free, limited-edition reusable cup inspired by the single-use red cups that Starbucks is known for during the holiday season. Starbucks customers can score the free gift with any purchase of a Starbucks holiday drink while supplies last. After you get it, you can clean the red cup and bring it back for 10 cents off a drink. Plus, if you’re a Starbucks Rewards member, you get 25 Stars whenever you bring back your reusable cup for your drink order.

If you do get the 2022 free red cup, it’ll go nicely with past designs. Last year’s reusable red cup layered a delicate white ribbon design underneath the green Starbucks logo, all piled on top of the classic red background. The cup came with a removable white cap, and was made with 50% recycled content.


While you’ll be focused on getting the free red cup on Nov. 17, you can also rest assured any holiday drink you order will be ultra festive. This year’s disposable red cups include four new designs — a white cup covered in small evergreen tree and sparkle accents, a green cup that zooms in on the sparkle designs, a cup decorated with red and white evergreen trees, and a red cup with green vertical trim accents.

When red cup day hits Starbucks on Nov. 17, plan on getting your free reusable cup with an order of a handcrafted holiday or fall beverage. Seasonal sips in this year’s holiday lineup include fan-favorite options like the Irish Cream Cold Brew and the Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte as well as the OG Peppermint Mocha, which is back for its 20th year.

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