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Is Snapchat's egg hunt back for 2022? Here's the deal.

What To Know About Whether Snapchat’s Easter Egg Hunt Will Return

You might have to settle for the IRL version this year.

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No matter how old you get, Easter never feels complete without an egg hunt. To keep the Easter tradition alive, Snapchat hosted a virtual egg hunt of its own in 2018. It was so popular that the company brought it back in 2019 and introduced an at-home hunt in 2020. But after the annual egg hunt was missing from the app in 2021, fans of the digital quest are eager to know if Snapchat’s egg hunt is back for 2022. I’ve got the answers you’ve been waiting for, and it’s not looking good, yolks — er, folks.

In case you need a refresher, the app’s festive egg hunt, called The Great Snapchat Egg Hunt, was an Augmented Reality game that took place over Easter weekend on Snap Maps, and it allowed users to collect virtual Easter eggs by physically traveling to the location of each egg displayed on the map. After you found an egg, all you had to do was snap a pic with your phone camera, and it would be added to your Easter basket. Though there weren’t any candy prizes at the end like the IRL version, the competition was still very much alive, and it made for an undeniably fun take on the nostalgic childhood activity.

After the game launched on Friday, March 29 of Easter weekend in 2018, Snap brought it back the next year with a new mini-games feature that let players earn extra points. Then, in 2020, Snapchat modified the egg hunt so that users could play from home. But despite being a hit amongst Snapchat users, the game was cast aside for Easter 2021, leaving Snapchatters with empty virtual Easter baskets. So, what does that mean for an egg hunt in 2022?


Snapchat Egg Hunt 2022 Info

Before you start refreshing Snapchat every two minutes looking for an egg hunt, you may want to come up with some alternative Easter activities. According to a Snapchat spokesperson, the beloved virtual Snapchat egg hunt game won’t be returning for 2022, which means you’ll just have to settle for the real thing this year. Yes, it’s a bummer, but hey — at least you’ll get some real prizes out of it.

It’s not clear why the popular egg hunt won’t be making its triumphant return to Snap Maps, but the Snap spokesperson shared that the company has launched several other games since the egg hunt made waves in 2018, like Color Galaxy, which features a mini egg hunt inside the go-cart racing game. Hey, I’ll take what I can get.

To find Color Galaxy, open a chat with either your bestie or yourself, then tap the Easter egg on the right-hand side of the Chat bar. (When it’s no longer Easter SZN, the egg will be replaced with a rocket icon.) From there, you can choose from more than 50 games, like Chess Quest, Word Blitz, Trivia Party, and more.

While the OG egg hunt may be firmly in the past, the Snap spokesperson added that the company is working to develop new features for Snap Maps to make it more personal for users — fingers crossed they come with a new version of the egg hunt game. If you need that new new, thought, Snapchat added many new features in early 2022, like Bitmoji reactions and individual Chat threads, so at least you can still have plenty of ways to connect with your besties over Easter weekend (and every weekend after).